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Research Institutes and Laboratories

Research Institutes and Laboratories

  1. Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences

    INCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences was founded in 1948 as a research centre for the realisation of the National Nuclear Programme of that time (Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, later on Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). Since 1968 it has continued research with a mixed scientific concept (not only nuclear). Today VINCA is a multidisciplinary scientific institute which covers a wide range of scientific and engineering fields.

    The students have the possibility to write the PhD thesis in the institute


  2. Institute of Physics Belgrade

    The Institute of Physics was co-founded in 1961 by the University of Belgrade and the Government of Serbia. The IP was created with the following principle objectives in mind:

  • To provide facilities for the conducting of original research to its faculty, associates and visitors.

  • To help in fostering the growth of advanced studies in and related to physics.

  • To provide a forum for scientific contacts between physical scientists from Serbia and their colleagues around the world.

  • To form the nucleus of an advanced graduate program in physics, and to work with the Department of Physics of the University of Belgrade in creating a top level physics graduate curriculum.

  • To develop applied areas of physics and assist in the development of related technologies.

    Graduate School of Physics

  1. Institute for appliance of nuclear energy INEP

    INEP deals with science and research activity within biological, medical and agricultural sciences. The result of the basic researches, the institute realizes also through development and usage of immune-diagnostic sets and biomedical products, as well as offering lab services.

  1. Institute for Technology of Nuclear and other Raw Materials  ITNMS

    ITNMS Belgrade, celebrated 60 years of its existence in 2008. A large scientific and professional, highly dedicated, task of research appropriations from the domestic uranium mineral and non-conventional raw materials and obtaining nuclear clean salt suitable for further processing into fuel elements was created.

    ITMNS organizes scientific lectures and seminars.