German Training & Talentmanagement Award to AREVA GmbH

Under the aegis of German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology our member AREVA GmbH has been awarded the „Deutscher Bildungspreis 2016“. This award values the exemplary practise of education, training and talentmanagement in large-scale enterprises, which is one of five categories.

This year 150 firms applied for this unique challenge. A team of experts selected the winners based on a business proven as well as scientific evaluated scheme: Each participant had to fill in an extensive self-evaluation-form which was the fundament to identify the Top 8 of each category. In a second round  these eight pre-selected companies had been brought down to Top 3 which had to pass a one-day-audit by TÜV Süd. The expert committee selected the winner in each of the five categories based on the audit reports.

Four times in series Areva Gmbh became  Top 3 in its category by passing each year TÜV audit in a convincing and sustainable manner and getting the official seal „Excellence Company in  Training & Talentmanagement“. In competition with the Top 3 Areva won again (after 2015) this out-standing German award in 2016.
Member of the German Parliament Patrizia Lips -who also chairs parliament´s committee of education, research and engineering results assessment- high-lighted in her laudatio that catchwords like profession, professionalism and professionalization meet Areva´s people development activites best. Asking Erich Unkrig in his role as driver and responsible manager about the motivation for continuouse improvement he said: Education, training and talentmanagement have to support and have to bring out the unique and the non-interchangeable of the business.  In a changing environment and through diverse expectations for a preferred employer like Areva relaxing on reached standards could lead to stagnancy or step backwards very quickly.

More information on the award ceremony at Berlin

Erich Unkrig, Areva GmbH









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