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Energy & Transport (TREN)

The energy sector of DG.TREN is responsible for issues related to energy sources and demand management for coal, oil, gas, electricity, nuclear energy, new & renewable energy sources, and energy demand management. Its support programmes include : RTD Framework Programmes, Intelligent Energy - Europe, "Energy" Framework Programme" (ALTENER, SAVE, SYNERGY, CARNOT, ETAP, SURE), Managenergy Information Services for Local and Regional Energy Actors. Key issues managed by the energy sector includes : Security of energy supply, opening up of electricity and gas markets, security of energy supply, nuclear safety and security, European Union-Russia energy dialogue, and Trans-European Networks infrastructures:

The Euratom Supply Agency's mission is to ensure a regular and equitable supply of nuclear fuels for Community users. The Euratom Supply Agency acts under the supervision of the European Commission which shall issue directives to it and possesses a right of veto over its decisions. One of the fundamental objectives of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) Treaty is to ensure that all users in the Community receive a regular and equitable supply of ores and nuclear fuels. In order to be valid under the Euratom Treaty, supply contracts must be submitted to the Supply Agency for conclusion. The Supply Agency and the Commission pursue the objective of long term security of supply through a reasonable diversification of supply sources and the avoidance of excessive dependency on any one supply source and ensure that the viability of the EU nuclear fuel industry is maintained:









11 - 15 March 2018
Munich, Germany


30 September - 04 October 2018
Prague, Czech Republic