Second bi-annual conference on 28-29 March 2006 Mariott Hotel, Brussels Belgium

Rising oil and gas prices are unsustainable. Climate change continues to threaten the environment.Energy demand continues to spiral. The current energy mix cannot adequately meet that demand, sothe specter of power cuts and black-outs could return to haunt us.

The scenario is a familiar one. The economic and environmental challenges remain the same. But theenergy debate has a new sense of direction and impetus. Economists, scientists, politicians andenvironmentalists are increasingly recognizing that nuclear energy is the only major energy source thatcan provide a secure supply of affordable and environmentally-friendly electricity. The time is ripe forthe nuclear community to seize the initiative.

The European Nuclear Assembly (ENA), a biannual conference organized by FORATOM, provides anideal opportunity for politicians, industry experts, scientists and stakeholder representatives fromaround the world to discuss the nuclear issues that really count and to focus not on problems, but onsolutions. It also provides the nuclear community with a platform for stating the nuclear case loud andclear and for communicating to policy-makers and the public the message that nuclear energy is acentral part of the solution.

Note down the dates in your diary now and make sure that you are part of the debate on the presentand the future of the nuclear industry.

Who should attend

MEPs - officials from the European Commission - Permanent Representatives from theMember States - journalists - the CEOs, directors and managers of nuclear power-generating companies - energy and business policy-makers.

Conference President

Mike Parker, CEO of the British Nucler Fuels plc.

Conference Venue

Mariott Hotel


Journalists are welcome to attend the ENA, during which a press conference will also take place.

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