Pime 2006

PIME 2006

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  • A key event on the nuclear communications calendar bringing together 170 international professionals

  • A quality programme with eminent speakers, putting communications excellence centre stage

  • Unrivalled opportunities for the exchange of experiences and expertise

  • Quality time in Vienna, city of romantic nostalgia


Chernobyl: The conclusive UN study on the scale of the 1986 incident

Nuclear neighbours: Cross-border relations between nuclear and non-nuclear neighbours

Meet the media: What journalists think about nuclear communications

An environmentalist’s view: Bruno Comby, founder of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

Public perception: Recent studies conducted by the European Commission, Nuclear Energy Institute (USA), and National Centre for Scientific Research (France)

Nuclear prospects in Europe: The policy analysis of King’s College (UK)

Global nuclear future: Fatih Birol, Chief Economist of the OECD/IEA, on the global energy package; and Burton Richter, Stanford University Professor and Nobel Prize Laureate, on the key issues that will shape the nuclear future


Let’s get to know one another better! Do you wish to present the work of your organisation to a wider audience? Prepare an information display (website, poster…) for the PIME Information Exhibition. Please contact the Conference Secretariat by 3 February at

You have until 20 January to compete for the 2006 Award! Share the secret of your success with your fellow-communicators and send an example of a recent communications campaign that you have run to: pime2006@euronuclear.org.

PIME 2006 will take place from 12 to 16 February in Vienna, hosted by the IAEA and sponsored by the OECD/NEA and FORATOM.

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The focal point for nuclear communications specialists from around the world

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