International Youth Nuclear Congress 2006

18-23 June 2006 Stockholm – Olkiluoto

International Youth Nuclear Congress 2006
Photographer: Peter Larsson
Picture: International Youth Nuclear Congress 2006, Technical Tour

The International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) met in Stockholm, Sweden, from 18 to 23 June 2006 for the IYNC2006, the forth biannual youth congress. Over 414 participants from 52 countries attended the congress. The IYNC 2006 sets a new standard in terms of number of participants. The first IYNC in Bratislava, Slovakia, attracted 290 participants from 29 countries followed by 248 participants from 37 countries in Daejong, South Korea in 2002 and 263 participants from 35 countries in Toronto, Canada in 2004.

On Sunday 18 June, a welcome reception at Stockholm City Hall (better known as the location where the Nobel Prize ceremony takes place) kicked-off the conference. The following day, the opening session was hosted at Stockholm Opera House. The opening session was launched with a keynote presentation by Mr. Luis E. Echávarri, Director General (NEA/OECD), followed by a series of presentations by invited speakers including: Mr. Robert Workman (IAEA), Mr. John Polcyn (Bechtel Power Corporation) and Mr. Per Jander (WNA). Young Members of the European Parliament and professionals then gave their vision of nuclear’s future in a panel session moderated by Mr. John Shepherd from NucNet. The opening session ended with a press conference where a declaration from the youth in the nuclear industry entitled IYNC Nuclear Science & Technology was presented to the media. The Declaration urged world leaders to: acknowledge the contribution that nuclear energy makes – as part of an overall energy mix that includes renewables - to combating climate change, to recognise how nuclear science and technology can help meet the social, economic and environmental objectives that underpins global sustainable development and to embrace a nuclear tomorrow.

Two and a half days were then devoted to a very high-level technical programme, which was divided into four parts: nuclear science and technology, nuclear waste and decommissioning, non-power applications of nuclear and nuclear politics and economics. Each track featured keynote speakers, including the ENS President, Dr. Franck Deconinck; industry leaders such as Bertrand Barré, AREVA, Dr. Lars Hallstadius, Westinghouse, university professors (Dr. George Bereznai, University of

INYC 2006

Toronto, Dr. Risto Tarjanne, Lappeenranta University of technology), and Dr. Peter J. Gowin from the IAEA. During the various track sessions, young nuclear professionals presented their papers. Meanwhile, workshops on different subjects (Chernobyl, knowledge management, professional technical organisations, waste management: the Nordic approach, and the politics of sustainable development) were organized in parallel, as well as a poster exhibition.

On 22 June, a technical tour was organised to the Olkiluoto nuclear site in Finland. The visit consisted of a one-hour sightseeing tour on a bus, during which participants had the opportunity to have a glance at the two existing units, the waste repository and the third unit (EPR) under construction. Representatives from TVO and Posiva presented their company’s involvement in the nuclear site. The impressive and interactive visitor centre was also one of the highlights of the day, since it enabled young nuclear professionals to discover more in depth the technology used at Olkiluoto.

Meanwhile, the IYNC Board decided that the next IYNC in 2008 will be held in Interlaken, Switzerland, in September 2008. Make sure you don’t miss it! In addition, a new IYNC Network President was chosen, Ms. Lisa Stiles-Shell from the US.

For further information, please contact Martin Luthander, IYNC General Co-Chair, or go to the IYNC website at:

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