Word from the President

Auf Wiedersehen Peter,

Dr. Peter Haug

At the turn of the millennium, ENS was in a critical financial and administrative situation. The Secretariat, then situated in Berne, was without a Secretary General and the finances were at zero. The situation required drastic measures for ENS to survive. Those measures involved sharing the secretariat with

Foratom, in Brussels, and with a common ENS Secretary General and Foratom director general. The person who was appointed to run both jobs and to save ENS from bankruptcy and certain death was Dr. Peter Haug. During the past five years, Peter has succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles and helped the Society survive periods of crisis. He was able to put ENS back on the European nuclear map.

Today, ENS once again has an excellent Secretariat, and its financial situation is acceptable and improving. Of course, he was not alone in achieving this. He was able to count upon the help of three former ENS presidents: Agneta Rising, Andrej Stritar and Bertrand Barré. He also surrounded himself with very dynamic and efficient staff members. But it was Peter who was, undoubtedly, the driving force behind the ENS renaissance.

Today, Peter leaves Brussels to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. On behalf of all 24.000 (or is it 25.000?) ENS members, thank you Peter, most sincerely, for all you have done for the Society and Auf Wiedersehen!

Bienvenido Santiago,

Santiago San Antonio

Santiago San Antonio has joined ENS, as the new Secretary General and Foratom, as the Director General. He succeeds Peter Haug at the head of both organisations. He has a great deal of experiencing working in senior positions with both organisations and has a great deal of experience in nuclear matters in

general. Santiago has worked for Tecnatom since 34 years and during his career to date has been active with WANO, NEI, Nucnet, the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum and the Spanish Nuclear Society. Those among you who do not yet know Santiago will discover a very experienced nuclear engineer, scientist. He is also a manager with great charisma who will leave his indelible mark on ENS in the years to come. We all look forward to working with him. Bienvenido Santiago!


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