ITER, a major step toward nuclear fusion energy

Congress Center of Aix en Provence
November 20 - 21, 2006
Visit of Tore Supra and of ITER Site in Cadarache on November 22


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A scientific and technical seminar on Nuclear Fusion and the ITER Project

«The unique opportunity for discovering and mastering the scientific and technological challenges of the nuclear fusion energy»

  • With the participation of K. IKEDA, Director General of the ITER Project and N. HOLTKAMP, Deputy Director General ; P. FERNANDEZ-RUIZ, Energy Research Director, DG Research, European Commission ; B. BIGOT, French High Commissioner for Atomic Energy ; S. DURAND, Cadarache Center's Director ; M. CHATELIER, Head of Euratom-CEA Research Unit and many others specialists from the ITER project

  • Opening Speech by Mr. F. D’AUBERT, Ambassador of France, High representative for the realization of ITER

  • Technical sessions on the fusion basics , on the main components of the ITER project, on the technologies reactors

Contacts and information:

Technical Programme: Philippe MAGAUD []
Enquiries and Registrations: Michèle LE GOFF []
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