Elections of the new President and Board Members of the Hungarian Nuclear Society (HNS)

The General Assembly of HNS took place at the Budapest University of Technology and Economic’s Institute of Nuclear Techniques on 12 May 2006. On the agenda was the election of new Board members. The new Board became operational as of 1 January, 2007.

The process led to the election the following members:

  • (a) President:
    Mr. Tamás Pázmándi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences (KFKI), Atomic Energy Research Institute)

  • (b) Secretary General (responsible for running the society) :
    Ms. Judit Silye (Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority)

  • (c) Vice Presidents:
    Mr. Csaba Sükösd (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
    Mr. József Bajsz (Paks Nuclear Power Plant)

Dr. Tamás Pázmándin, the new President of HNS, is 30 years old. He is a scientific researcher and research project leader at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (KFKI) Atomic Energy Research Institute. He graduated with a PhD from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and also has a diploma from the Corvinus University, Budapest.

He has won several prizes and is the author of many publications. His main fields of research are nuclear measurement techniques and health physics.

Between 2001 and 2004, he was President of the Hungarian Young Generation Network (which operates within the framework of the HNS). This was probably the most active and successful period ever for the Hungarian Young Generation Network and during his time there the network won the international PIME Award for Communications Excellence, in 2005, in Paris. Since 2004, Dr. Pazmandin had been the Vice President of HNS.

After Dr. Tamás Pázmándi was elected, he highlighted how HNS will tackle the new challenges that it will face in the future. Furthermore, in the near future Hungary will have to generate new supplies of energy. This explains why the building of new nuclear units is on the agenda. This will provide new opportunities for the Hungarian nuclear industry and also means that HNS will have new challenges to meet. Dr. Pazmandin also emphasized some of the major tasks ahead for the HNS, including: benefiting from further exchange of knowledge and experience with other nuclear societies, the transfer of knowledge between young and more experienced colleagues. And, last but not at least, he pointed out the importance of communicating effectively with stakeholders.

Hungarian Nuclear Society (HNS)


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