The European Nuclear Conference (ENC): Focus on cutting edge R & D

ENC2007 will take place at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) from 16-20 September and preparations are already in full swing. Here is some updated information on this flagship biannual ENS conference organized in co-operation with the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS), OECD/NEA and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

ENC2007: VUB, 16-20 September 2007

Sharing knowledge and providing insight into the latest developments in nuclear R&D and its applications – that is the aim of the European Nuclear Conference 2007 (ENC2007).

Preparations for ENC2007 are in full swing, and the conference is likely to be the key event on the 2007 calendar dedicated to the subject of state-of-the-art nuclear R&D.

Programme highlights

In addition to the technical tracks on new reactor and energy technologies, aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle and of nuclear operations and medical applications, the conference will include plenary sessions that will concentrate on cross-cutting issues and the broader context. Keynote speakers and participants will discuss the following topics:

  • EU research policy

  • The politics of science and technology

  • Business and industries’ views on science and R&D policy, challenges and needs

  • Science as “living knowledge”: E&T policy and knowledge management

  • The human factor in risk governance: aspects of awareness and responsibility

  • State-of-the-art of European research policy in nuclear and medical science and technology

  • Nuclear science & society: the role of the media

Parallel workshops

ENC2007 has four topical workshops running parallel to the conference tracks:

  • Education & training and knowledge management

  • Safeguards and terrorism

  • The politics of sustainable development

  • Challenges and opportunities for nuclear professionals (ENS Young Generation workshop)

The aim of the half-day workshops is to generate debate around and promote deeper insight into the topics in question by sharing views with experienced and renowned guest speakers.

Research and industry expo

Companies can still take part in the industry exhibition, although available places are running out! In this way, ENC2007 also gives research centres the opportunity to present their activities and latest research projects to the nuclear community. Contact the secretariat through the ENC2007 website if you want to be part of the exhibition.

Gallery showcase for visual and audiovisual materials

In addition to the traditional poster displays, participants are encouraged to send in visual materials that represent the aims and content of their research work: posters, photos, DVDs, website displays and even art work. Their work will be displayed centrally in the walkways around the conference rooms. You can also send in printed material (flyers, reports, books etc.). These will be on permanent show in the ENC2007 Library Lounge, the 'chill out' room of ENC2007.

In the Library Lounge, showcase materials will be organised regularly during the conference. Participants wanting to showcase their materials should send in a short description of what they would like to exhibit to There is no specific deadline for this, but remember that the number of available slots is limited.

Contemporary art expo

To prove you that we are really going 'crossover', the VUB will organise a contemporary exhibition on how art can inspire science and vice-versa. The official opening of the show is scheduled to take place during ENC2007.

Science café

The ENC2007 Science café will be the gathering point throughout the event. The café will be located in the basement of the conference building, where also the coffee breaks and the research exhibition will take place. Any questions and inquiries regarding any aspect of ENC2007 should be addressed to the Conference Secretariat at

Registration opens on 2 May 2007.

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