European Young Generation Forum 2007

5-10 june 2007 Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The European Young Generation Forum is organized by one of the members of the European Young Generation Network. The next forum will be held in Amsterdam and therefore organized by the Dutch Young Generation (DYG).

The EYG is a network for a new generation of professionals that has the following goals:

  • Develop new approaches to communicate benefits of nuclear power, as part of a balanced energy mix.

  • Promote further peaceful use of nuclear science and technology.

EYGF 2007
  • Transfer knowledge form the current generation of professionals to the next generation.

The topic of the forum will be “the nuclear future”. For the opening session we have attracted well known speakers with experience in the nuclear field. During the event there will be technical presentations given by (young) professionals about the following subjects:

  • Gen IV and Beyond

  • Nuclear and Hydrogen

  • Nuclear in a liberated energy market

  • New attitudes towards nuclear

  • Can we do without nuclear?

Besides these presentations the famous “Fusion road show” will be held and an interesting visit to the Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG) in the dunes of the northern part of the Netherlands is planned. This excursion consists of a nuclear part and a non nuclear part, e.g. High Flux Reactor and Hydrogen laboratory.

This will be the second EYGF event after a very successful initial one in Zagreb, Croatia (2005) with approximately 80 participants from more than 15 countries. It is intended to make the EYGF a recurring event that will be held every two years. Therefore, we expect at least 100 young professionals from many European countries and other parts of the world.

Early registration before 28th April (€100), late registration before 15th May (€125), Registration is already open, see:

The European Young Generation Forum Team 2007

Dutch Young Generation

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