First encounter with young political organizations in Salamanca

On 24 October the Governing Board of Jóvenes Nucleares (JJNN), the Spanish Nuclear Young Generation chapter (, organised in Salamanca the first-ever encounter with young political organizations. The event took place in conjunction with the TopFuel 2006 international conference. Sylvia Choithramani (President of JJNN), Jose Luis Perez (Vice-President), Francisco Alvarez (Director of Communications) and Manuel Fernandez (Webmaster for the JJNN website) had the pleasure of meeting three members of the Socialist Youths of Salamanca: Noelia Sanchez (General Secretary), Sara Gomez (Institutional Secretary) and Carlos Sanchez (Secretary of Organization).

Following the presentations and the descriptions of both organizations, the members of Socialist Youths portrayed their work in all the areas affecting young people: employment, housing, education, the environment, equal opportunities and the improvement of public services. The organisation is made up of young people between 14 and 30 years who are affiliated to the Spanish Socialist Party - its history and its objectives. And yet they operate independently.

The Spanish Nuclear Young Generation explained that their objectives are basically to spread knowledge on nuclear energy that shows the positive roll that this source of energy can play for the well-being of society, to encourage communication and debate and to facilitate the incorporation of professional young people in the field. Consequently, it became clear that the Spanish Nuclear Young Generation is not a pressure lobby group but is instead primarily concerned with gathering and communicating scientific and technical information with the aim of improving people’s understanding of nuclear energy, and in such a way that is independent of any political inclinations or affiliation when it comes to nuclear energy policy.

Regarding the energy debate, and more precisely its nuclear component, the members of Socialist Youths showed a great awareness of the complexity of Spanish and European energy supply problems, of the advantages and disadvantages of the different energy sources and of certain rejections of nuclear energy that are mainly due to the perception that there is no final solutions to large-scale nuclear waste management. On the other hand, the Spanish Nuclear Young Generation tried to clarify technical doubts and explain that both history and current context reveal that energy needs and supply forecasting are fundamentally important considerations for the development of countries today and, therefore, it should be seen as a European priority issue rather than as a domestic issue subject to political demarcation.

Furthermore, regarding radioactive waste, firstly, the Spanish Nuclear Young Generation claimed that they are convinced that science and technology will solve every remaining aspect of waste management in the short term and in a satisfactory way.

Secondly, The Spanish Nuclear Young Generation argued that while the nuclear industry has controlled, confined and isolated each gramme of its waste in a safe way, and a huge R&D effort is being carried out in order to find better solutions, fossil energy sources (coal, gas, petroleum), on the other hand, have contributed to one of the most important problems in the history of mankind: global warming.

he Spanish Nuclear Young Generation

It was an extraordinarily interesting, fruitful and pleasant meeting. Both groups showed their willingness to continue engaging in dialogue, and it was proved that youth is something that brings people together very successfully. This implies similarity in the way that both associations are free to pursue their respective objectives. Finally, the Spanish Nuclear Young Generation chapter was invited to organise a conference for all the affiliated Salamanca Socialist Youths members.


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