Tractebel Engineering present at the ICAPP congress

From 13 - 16 May 2007, ICAPP 2007, the International Conference on Advances in nuclear Power Plants, took place at the Acropolis conference centre, in Nice (France). The theme of the conference was The Nuclear Renaissance at Work.

Tractebel Engineering was present at the Suez stand, where the nuclear activities of the Group were exhibited under the theme Nuclear Expertise in the Energy Mix.

Six people from Tractebel Engineering’s Nuclear Division also participated in the plenary and technical sessions throughout the three days. They were also present at the stand providing information to visitors.

On the evening of 15 May, the conference’s official Gala Dinner took place, which was partly sponsored by Suez. A number of VIPs from the nuclear VIPs attended. Olivier Grosfils, head of Marketing & Sales, Tractebel Engineering, Nuclear Division, then took the floor and spoke on behalf of Suez.

Tractebel was present at the conference in a variety of other ways:

On 14 May, Jean Van Vyve, Executive Vice-president, Tractebel Engineering, Nuclear Division, presided a session on Advanced Power. After that, he presented a paper at a plenary session entitled Energy Challenges: the utility point of view.

On 15 May, Walter van Hove, Principal Engineer, Tractebel Engineering, Nuclear Division, presented a paper in entitled Supercritical Light Water Reactor with Intermediate Heat Exchangers.

You can consult these document by clicking on the following link:

Abstract Paper: SuperCritical Light Water Reactor (SCLWR) with Intermediate Heat Exchanger (IHX)

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