Croatian conference focuses on nuclear countries with “small electricity grids.”

Prof. Dubravko Pevec, President of the Croatian Nuclear Society (CNS) has sent ENS NEWS the following announcement regarding the 7th International Conference, which will take place in Dobrovnik, Croatia, from 25-29 May 2008

7th International Conference of the Croatian Nuclear Society: “The nuclear option in countries with small and medium electricity grids,” 25-29 May 2008, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

International conference Nuclear Option in Countries with Small and Medium Electricity Grids has established itself as a traditional meeting place for discussing various key issues related to the use and development of nuclear energy on a genuinely international level. After a decade of being successfully organised in Dubrovnik, the conference has benefited from its long-standing association with co-organiser the IAEA and has ENS as a major sponsor. Although the conference will focus primarily on a range of issues affecting countries with limited grid size and their specific needs, the topics on the conference agenda cover a number of subjects of fundamental interest to professionals in the nuclear and energy sectors, more specifically those related to using the nuclear option to generate electrical energy. With this aim in mind the conference will consider the nuclear option from its position as one of the major energy sources available for helping to reduce CO2 emissions, analyse the market situation of nuclear energy, focus on the development of new reactor technologies and assess the organisational, educational and social needs for using nuclear energy to generate electricity.

True to conference tradition, next year’s event will also serve as a forum for discussing the various major issues linked to the operation and safety of the nuclear power plants, nuclear liability, regulatory practices and radioactive waste management.

For the additional information please visit the conference web site at:

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