The International Symposium on Nuclear Energy - SIEN 2007: “ Nuclear Power – A New Challenge”

During October 14 - 19 2007, Best Western Park - Bucharest hosted the International Symposium on Nuclear Energy – SIEN 2007: “Nuclear Power – A New Challenge”.

Organized by the Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy “ (AREN) and by the Romanian Atomic Forum (ROMATOM), and dedicated to the new trends in the nuclear power field, SIEN 2007 joined together the community of specialists in the nuclear field. The Symposium was attended by participants from different countries such as Canada, Italy, South Korea, France, Bulgaria and Belgium.

SIEN 2007

The Romanian research institutes and the “Politehnica” University also brought their contribution to the knowledge transfer and exchange by participating in this event.

The Symposium was opened to anyone interested in scientific, technical, financial and economic issues the evolution of nuclear power confronts us with, in the present background, out of which we mention the following:

  • Developing the new nuclear technologies;

  • Finding possibilities for nuclear programs developing;

  • Strengthening public confidence in nuclear power

SIEN 2007 succeeded the official inauguration of Cernavoda NPP Unit 2, on October 5, 2007, an important milestone in the Romanian energy policy.

SIEN 2007 brought together 150 participants and guests; 89 papers and 8 posters were presented within the following sessions:

Plenary Session

Session 1: Developing the New Nuclear Technologies
Session 2: Operation, Inspection and Maintenance
Session 3: Increasing Nuclear Safety Features
Session 4: Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Wastes Management
Session 5: Public Acceptance and Confidence Strengthening

SIEN 2007 was also the framework of 3 workshops:

  • QA Management within the European Integration

  • Young Generation “ Building the Future”

  • WiN and the EU Nuclear Programs Developing

The Young Generation Workshop which addressed the issue: “Is nuclear Romanian industry attractive for graduate students and young professionals?” was attended by more than 20 participants from different companies or organizations from the Romanian nuclear industry.

Also, in the WiN Workshop around 50 members participated. Based on the issues raised during the discussions in the workshop, proposals were made to solve them in a joint effort of communication, education and training.

SIEN 2007 was concluded with a speech given by the president of AREN, Mr. Ioan Rotaru who congratulated the participants and invited them to take part in SIEN 2009.


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