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(January 2008)


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Dryout of BWR Fuel Elements

Two Phase Flow
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The Future of Nuclear Energy

Westinghouse is Awarded Watts Bar Units 2 Completion Contract

Bulgarian Nuclear Society Annual Conference ‘Nuclear Power for the People’

Bali COP13 and beyond

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Bratislava’s nuclear November

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Summary of the main EU Energy Developments, 2007

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UK Takes Final Decision to Build New Nuclear Plants

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Pime 2008
Pime 2008
10 - 14 February 2008 in Prague

RRFM 2008
2 - 5 March 2008 in Hamburg, Germany


NESTet 2008
4 - 9 May 2008 in Budapest, Hungary


1 - 3 October 2008 in Dubrovnic, Croatia







































NESTet2008 - Call for Papers


The NESTet 2008 Programme Committee and the European Nuclear Society (ENS) are calling for presentations for an important conference, dedicated to networking in nuclear education and training across the fields of engineering science and technology.

We invite both oral papers and poster presentations for the following thematical tracks:

  • Science, Engineering and Technology in Education

  • Training Programmes for Industry

  • Experimental Facilities for Education and Training

  • The Role of Education in Knowledge Management

  • Radiation Protection

NESTet 2008 is designed to facilitate an exchange of information, collaboration and the sharing of best practices in nuclear education and training in engineering science and technology.

Respond now to the challenge of maintaining nuclear knowledge and ensuring there is a suitably qualified nuclear workforce for the future; send your abstract by 15 January 2008 to the NESTet Programme Committee!

Help us spread the news about NESTet 2008 and make sure your colleagues get to know about the conference through our website or via this e-mail.

NESTet 2008 Conference Secretariat


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