The Swiss Nuclear Society celebrates 50 years of activities

Swiss Nuclear Society Calendar for 2008

The year 2008 has a special meaning for the Swiss Nuclear Society (SNS) because it represents the 50th year anniversary of its foundation and the 10th year anniversary of the foundation of the Swiss Young Generation.

To celebrate the anniversary, the SNS has edited a thematic calendar containing photos of various Swiss nuclear installations (both research facilities and industrial plants). The calendar provides, in a harmonious collage, an overview of nuclear energy in Switzerland from its beginnings up to the present day. Furthermore, the calendar also shows a projection towards the future of nuclear energy by including photos of research facilities currently used in Switzerland for the investigation of advanced Generation III reactors.

The calendar as been distributed to SNS members and (upon request) also to non members interested in this unique document. Figure 1 shows a photo taken from the SNS calendar cover.

Figure 1: From the SNS Calendar
Figure 1: From the SNS Calendar

Election of a new SNS president

The SNS elected at its General Assembly, held on April 10 at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Dr. Johannis Nöggerath as its new President, succeeding Dr. Ingeborg Hagenlocher. Also, Dr. Peter Leister left the Board were he had been Deputy President.

Figure 2 shows actual and former members of the SNS Board. From the left: Dr. Ulrich Bielert, Jan Kocourek, Dr. Ingeborg Hagenlocher (former President), Martin Spörri, Dr. Johannis Nöggerath (actual President), Alexandra Homann, Dr. Marco Streit, Dr. Peter Leister (former Deputy President ), PD Dr. Claude Degueldre, Dr. Domenico Paladino. Not featured in the photos, but members of the SNS Board, are Dr. Annalisa Manera and Dr. Philipp Hänggi

Figure 2: Actual and Former Members of the SNS Board
Figure 2: Actual and Former Members of the SNS Board

Seminar and reception for the 50th year and 10th year anniversary celebration of SNS and SNS YG respectively.

The General Assembly of the SNS was followed in the afternoon by a thematic seminar aimed at understanding and appreciating the aspects, facts and key people that have contributed to the development of nuclear energy in Switzerland from the beginning. The international nature of the nuclear sector has been emphasized by pointing out analogous activities in other countries in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world.

The invited speakers to the seminar were:

David R. Bonser

President of the European Nuclear Society

Bruno Pellaud

President of the Swiss Nuclear Forum

Kurt Küffer

Former head of KKW- Beznau

Ulrich Schmoker

Director of the HSK

Martin Jermann

PSI Director a.i.

Michael Kohn

Former president of KKW-Gösgen

Marco Streit

President the Young Generation of the SNS

Figure 3: Participants at the SNS seminar
Figure 3: Participants at the SNS seminar

The seminar was followed by a reception offered by the SNS Board to all participants.

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