The Young Generation is the future of the nuclear industry, driving companies to continuously improve and develop new techniques, projects, ways of communicating, etc.

The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (enygf09) will take place in Córdoba, in the South of Spain, from 19th to 23rd May 2009. This Forum will gather together young nuclear science and technology specialists from all over Europe. The aims of the Forum are:

promote science
  • To promote science, engineering and communications in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology

  • To promote knowledge exchange between the older and younger generations

  • To promote training and encourage new leaders to emerge,

  • To attract young people to the nuclear field and encourage them to pursue a career in it

  • To create a platform for career development and networking among young professionals

The Forum will seek to expand and strengthen the Young Generation’s networking with other professionals and offer an opportunity to meet renowned nuclear experts and polic-makers in the EU.

Additionally, it will organise discussions on relevant current issues related to nuclear new-build in Europe (e.g. new projects and designs), focus on technical aspects relating to safety and waste management, and social aspects such as communications, transparency and social acceptance and analyse the issue of human resources.

During the Forum, a very interesting technical visit will take participants to the recently extended Spanish Low and Intermediate Level Waste Disposal Facility, at El Cabril. Since 1992, Spain has disposed of low-level radioactive wastes in concrete-lined structures close to the surface. El Cabril is a unique disposal facility located close to Cordoba.

polic-makers in the EU

The Forum will take place in Cordoba, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, a UNESCO world heritage and the gastronomical capital of Andalusia. Truly a treasure that astonishes every visitor, Cordoba was once the largest and, probably, the most beautiful city in the world.

Furthermore, at the end of May the city celebrates its greatest festival: La Feria. It features carnival games and rides, fireworks, music and dancing in the streets - and excellent food.

Finally, after the Forum, a unique cultural visit is offered to participants: a trip to The Alhambra, a pearl set in emeralds, one of the most beautiful places on earth, close to the city of Granada.

La Feria

The enygf09 committee would like to give everybody the opportunity to attend the Forum and to offer companies a chance to be promote their activities to the young professionals. That’s why if you believe in the future of the nuclear industry and the potential of the next generation you might like to become a sponsor. Please contact


Please visit and take a look at a video announcement of the Forum.

Jose Luis Pérez
Enygf09 General Chair
Spanish Nuclear Young Generation Network General Chair

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