9th Joint Workshop On Management System

FORATOM And International Atomic Energy Agency

23-25 June 2009 Offenbach, Germany

Workshop Theme
Practical Implementation of IAEA Safety Standards on Management System

23 – 25 June

AREVA NP GmbH facilities, Kaiserleistraße 29, 63067 Offenbach, Germany

The objective of the workshop is to promote the IAEA Safety Standards on Management System (GS-R-3, GS-G-3.1 and DS349) and to provide a practical approach of the implementation of an Integrated Management System in existing Management System in nuclear facilities and activities.

  • Key Issue 1: Implementation of Safety Standards on Management System

  • Key Issue 2: Practical application of process management

  • Key Issue 3: Assessment and improvement of Management System

  • Key Issue 4: Safety Culture and leadership in nuclear industry

 Workshop Approach

The workshop will provide a forum for exchanging experiences and information related to the integration of management system elements. The main focus will be on common difficulties, possible solutions and good practices to improve overall performance with regard to safety. It will also address improvement in the Management System and Safety/Organizational Culture in the Operating Organizations. The workshop will seek to exchange practical lessons learned in the establishment of integrated management System. The workshop will consist of a series of leading lectures given by IAEA-FORATOM and other experts, followed by working sessions on specific topics discussing the issues raised and difficulties envisaged.


The participants should be senior managers and professionals with responsibility for establishment, improvement and assessment of IMS; particularly those involved in any projects transforming QA/QM System into IMS based on the approach described in the IAEA Safety Standards. The participants should come from nuclear power plants, nuclear power companies, regulatory bodies, research institutes, research reactor operating organizations, radwaste companies, fuel cycle facilities and from other organizations dealing with radioactive sources. Participation of supplier organizations (manufacturers, designers, engineering companies, etc) is also desirable. The participants should have experience in the establishment and continual improvement of Management System and Safety/Organizational Culture.


The previous workshop in 2007 on “Implementation of IAEA Safety Standards on Management System” focused on the understanding of the GS-R-3 requirements and to provide information on the transition from traditional QA approach towards the Integrated Management System (IMS) in facilities and activities.

The GS-R-3 integrates all management processes and activities into one coherent system so as to enable the organization to achieve its purpose and mission, such as safety, health, environmental, security, quality and economic management system requirements, whilst maintaining the paramount focus on safety at all nuclear facilities and activities from nuclear power generation to the safe use of radioactive sources.

 When developing the new set of IAEA Safety Standards for Management System it was recognized at an early stage that with an integrated approach to Management System it was necessary to include the aspect of culture. With an integrated approach, the aspects of the Management System that define processes and practices need to be combined with people’s values, attitudes and behaviors in order for the organization to fully reach its goals and objectives. The Management System will both influence and be influenced by the overall culture of the organization.

 As a result of the revision process the new set of Safety Standards on Management System were approved and were published in September 2006. Since they will introduce a new conceptual approach to Management System it is beneficial to hold a workshop to launch the concepts and to raise understanding and awareness.


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