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2009 EAES Combined Meeting, in Slovakia

President of Israel Nuclear Society receives top Russian award

Forsmark NPP

No significant pollution measured at France’s nuclear sites

Sweden’s environmentally-conscious society continues to use nuclear power

The GUINEVERE experiment: a first step on the road to MYRRHA

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The Young Generation Network’s perspective of the Garoña NNP issue

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ETRAP 2009

ETRAP 2009
8 - 11 November 2009
in Lisbon, Portugal


Pime 2010

Pime 2010
14 - 17 February 2010 in Budapest, Hungary


ENC 2010

ENC 2010
30 May - 3 June 2010
in Barcelona, Spain







































ENC 2010

30 May - 3 June 2010 in Barcelona, Spain

ENC 2010

Call for Papers

The European Nuclear Conference (ENC) is the largest international conference of its kind on the European event calendar. This European Nuclear Society (ENS) event has a multidisciplinary approach, looking at nuclear applications in energy production and medical technologies.

ENS and the ENC 2010 Programme Committee are now calling for abstracts in the following areas:

Reactor technologies

  • Generation III reactors

  • Generation IV reactors

  • Small reactors

  • Research reactors

  • Innovative reactor concepts, including the thorium cycle

  • Innovations in the supply chain or construction engineering

The fuel cycle

  • Front end

  • In core management and fuel behaviour

  • Back end

  • Spent fuel management

  • Uranium and plutonium recycling, including minor actinides transmutation

  • Transports of fuel materials

  • Nuclear materials safeguards

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from the fuel cycle

Plant operations

  • Maintenance and operation

  • Safety management (operation, maintenance, aging …)

  • Human and organizational factors

  • Materials technology and testing

  • Plant life extension

  • Instrumentation

  • Decommissioning

  • Physical protection

Life science applications

  • Protection of man and the environment

  • Radiobiology/radioecology

  • Instrumentation

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic applications

  • Isotopes supply

  • Radiation protection in medical applications

    • European harmonisation issues

    • Therapy with alpha emitters

    • ...

  • Nuclear medicine training in Europe, present and future trends

Education, training and knowledge management

  • Initiatives in education, training and knowledge management

  • Education & training facilities

  • Challenges and opportunities for nuclear professionals

  • Recruitment and labour market issues

Nuclear and civil society

  • Countries’ perspectives on nuclear energy policy

  • Public information, including communicating on nuclear incidents

  • Public perception

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Economical impact

  • Nuclear and the societal debates, including at international fora  

Upload your abstracts before 2 October 2009

on or
contact for further information

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submissions: 2 October 2009

Notification of authors: 29 January 2010

Deadline for full paper submissions: 30 April 2010

Deadline for submission of PowerPoint presentations: 21 May 2010

Conference: 30 May – 3 June 2010


Accepted and presented papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings (Transactions) that will be available on CD-ROM (after the conference) and posted on our website: with reference ISBN 978-92-95064-09-6.

Abstract review

The abstracts received will be peer reviewed under the auspices of the ENC 2010 Programme Committee.

ENC 2010 Programme Committee Chair:
Prof F. Deconinck, SCK-CEN, ENS Past President

ENC 2010 Programme Committee Co-Chair:
J.E. Gutiérrez, Westinghouse Spain , SNE President




Conference Secretariat:

European Nuclear Society

65 Rue Belliard

1040 Brussels , Belgium

Tel. +32 2 505 30 54
Fax +32 2 505 39 02


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