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ETRAP 2009

ETRAP 2009
8 - 11 November 2009
in Lisbon, Portugal


Pime 2010

Pime 2010
14 - 17 February 2010 in Budapest, Hungary


RRFM 2010

RRFM 2010
21 - 25 March 2010 in Marrakech, Morroco


ENC 2010

ENC 2010
30 May - 3 June 2010
in Barcelona, Spain


ETRAP 2009

ETRAP 2009

8 - 12 November 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal

ETRAP - Education and Training in Radiation Protection

The Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear and the European Nuclear Society are organising the 4th international conference on education and training in radiological protection, ETRAP2009, in Lisbon from 8 - 12 November 2009.

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Education and training are the two basic pillars of any policy regarding safety in the workplace.  ETRAP2009 will provide the necessary platform for a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach to education and training in radiological protection.


The conference addresses the largest potential audience, covering policy-makers, the medical sector, industrial radiographers, NORM experts, the engineering sector, the non-nuclear industry, social sciences researchers, safety experts, regulators and authorities. Furthermore, it aims to reinforce the contacts between various organisations, individuals and networks dealing with education and training policies in radiological protection. Special attention will also be paid to attracting and inviting young professionals to ensure knowledge transfer and to help build the future of radiological protection.


Delegates at ETRAP 2009 will discuss all key areas of Education and Training in Radiation Protection:


·          Current Status in E&T in Radiological Protection

·          Approaches in Sector Specific Training

·          Developments in Training Delivery

·          Recent Developments in Recognition and Harmonisation of Requirements

·          Education and Training Networks

·          Building the Future – Attracting a New Generation

·          Broadening the Perspective

More information on the conference is available on the conference website:


An updated conference programme is now available!


We are looking forward to meet you in Lisbon !


Conference Secretariat:

European Nuclear Society
65 Rue Belliard
Brussels , Belgium
Tel. +32 2 505 30 54
Fax +32 2 505 39 02

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