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ENC 2010

ENC 2010
30 May - 2 June 2010
in Barcelona, Spain











































BNS Conference 2010: Celebrating 60 years of nuclear sciences and 40 years of the BNS

On March 2, the Belgian Nuclear Society held its 2010 Conference entitled 60 Years of Nuclear Sciences in Belgium: Inspiring History, Exciting Future. It attracted more than 150 participants from many different sectors, including from industries and institutions, as well as the general public. The objective of the conference was to make Belgian nuclear expertise and activities better known and to show that the nuclear community in Belgium has achieved results that are outstanding for a small country and that it is active, attractive, growing and contributing to a sustainable future - especially in energy and healthcare.

The conference was opened by Professor Francis Delannay, Dean of the University of Louvain’s School of Engineering, who placed higher education within the context of the major challenges that mankind is facing today. He showed the importance of integrating nuclear education within wider societal challenges as a part of global solution, and also of adapting education in engineering to a changing world.

Professor Francis Delannay

The first technical session addressed the very rich history of nuclear activities in Belgium over the past 60 years. Indeed, almost all facets of the peaceful use of nuclear science and technologies have been explored. In some cases it represented a first-of-a-kind application. This is illustrated in two books published by the BNS. The second session was dedicated to the nuclear sector as a driver of human activity in Belgium. Nuclear is indeed an important and growing sector of human activity, counting more than 8000 highly skilled direct jobs. A significant portion of these jobs is in research and innovation and regulatory control, as well as in the health sector. Several initiatives in the field of education and training were presented. The third session was devoted to research, safety, innovation and advanced applications. It addressed, for instance, the development of next generation reactors - with special emphasis on the MYRRHA facility - and healthcare applications. The latter is a sector in which Belgium plays a leading role and is still developing advanced healthcare and diagnostic techniques.

Finally, a very interesting and intense panel session took place, with participants from different horizons – economy, industry and communications – focusing on communicating science and technology to the general public. The panel highlighted the important challenge of communications and transparency.

The conference concluded with the celebration of 40 years of the BNS, which was founded in 1970 as a local section of ANS and became, in 1980, the Belgian Nuclear Society in its own right. It was then linked to the ENS, while at the same time continuing its links with ANS as one of its affiliated societies. This provided an opportunity to congratulate and thank many founding members and past-Chairmen who were invited to attend the celebration.

14 BNS chairmen attended the conference and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the BNS


14 BNS chairmen attended the conference and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the BNS

Jean Van Vyve – BNS Past Chairman

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