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General Assembly Meeting and plans for the ALLEGRO

The Hungarian Nuclear Society (HNS) organised its mid-year General Assembly on 19 May 2010, in Budapest. During the meeting the activity and financial report of 2009, as well as the plans for 2010, were approved.

In addition to such officials items, a presentation was given as part of the last point on the agenda, namely plans for the ALLEGRO prototype. The presentation was made by Gerard Cognet, CEA Regional Delegate for Central Europe, France, and by János Gadó, Director of KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (AEKI), Hungary.

The ALLEGRO is an experimental prototype 75 MWth gas cooled fast reactor (GFR) that was selected as one of the six candidate technologies to feature in the Generation IV Roadmap. The ALLEGRO was proposed by the CEA as a demonstration facility to be built in the next decade (see enclosed overview).

Three respective nuclear research institutes in Eastern European – UJV, Nuclear Research Institute, Czech Republic; KFKI AEKI, Hungary and VUJE, a.s., Slovakia – agreed to start a joint regional project to prepare for a later decision on the construction and operation of the ALLEGRO GFR in one of the three countries. The Preparatory Phase Memorandum of Understanding (PPMU) for this project was signed on 20 May 2010, one day after the HNS General Assembly.

ALLEGRO Primary System Overview

ALLEGRO Primary System Overview

ALLEGRO Flow Diagram (one loop)

ALLEGRO Flow Diagram


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