The Spanish Nuclear Society will organise its 36th Annual Meeting in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the province of Galicia, from 6 – 8 October. The meeting will provide professionals and companies representing the nuclear industry with a focal point for analysing - in this beautiful city - the current situation and future prospects for nuclear energy. All the relevant information about the meeting is available at: By following the very simple menu divided in four sections, according to the different roles - Congresistas (Member of the Congress), Ponentes (Presenters), Expositores (Expositors) and Acompañantes (Companion) - you can easily access the most relevant information you need relating to the meeting. Each different section contains the most interesting data for each category of attendee, including instructions for registration and access to the specific services, from the agenda to the personal inscription section.

SNE technical session 2010

The SNE Annual Technical Session was organised at Tecnatom, on June 9, with a large attendance of professionals and SNE members. The session was devoted to the management of safety-related equipment and components.

SNE Annual Technical Session

European Nuclear Conference (ENC2010), Barcelona

Barcelona played host to the European Nuclear Conference (ENC 2010) from 29 May to 2 June. It was organised in collaboration with the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE) and FORATOM. At the meeting you could find the main companies and representatives of the global nuclear industry present, although it was the first time that this conference had taken place in Spain. This meeting was a focal point for the main experts in the field. The programme helped people to share experiences with one another thanks to the 500 presentations, meetings and working sessions devoted to such subjects as advanced reactors, nuclear global development, nuclear safety and waste management, that featured on the agenda.

In parallel, a commercial exhibition took place in which the main companies and organisations active in the nuclear industry presented their work. The exhibition gave them the opportunity to exhibit this work to an international market.

The Spanish companies Empresarios Agrupados, Endesa, Ensa, Enusa, Gas Natural Fenosa, Grupo Dominguis, Iberdrola, Tecnatom and Técnicas Reunidas participated together in the Spanish pavilion, coordinated by the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum. It was one of the most popular ones, intensively visited by the 1000 people who were in Barcelona’s Congress Palace of Catalonia, where the ENC2010 conference was held.


ENC 2010

Nuclear Espanola

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