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(February 2011)


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How nuclear education has shaped the nuclear debate

ENS activities on Education & Training

European Nuclear Society in action

NESTet 2011

Training to instil a Safety Culture


TECNATOM: Training for excellence

Vattenfall nuclear competence management: Co-operation in support of safety and performance

KSU maintenance training in Barsebäck NPP


Developing skills for tomorrows leaders

Learning and Development at Westinghouse Electric Europe

URENCO Apprenticeships

Education and training at NUKEM Technologies GmbH

Education and training at Ansaldo Nucleare

Meeting EDF’s human capital challenge in sustaining a nuclear renaissance


Transfer of knowledge: education and training possibilities at the Belgian nuclear research centre SCK•CEN


EHRON: linking human resources supply to demand

Member Societies in action

Austria’s Contribution to EU Nuclear Education and Training

The Finnish Nuclear Society (ATS): Education and training

New plans for nuclear education in Spain as part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

How to communicate to students about nuclear energy and job opportunities in the nuclear industry

The Nuclear Society of Slovenia – 20 years of international nuclear knowledge transfer

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What do young people say

„A taste of real life“ – an internship in a nuclear waste management company

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Pime 2011

Pime 2011
13 - 16 February 2011 in Brussel, Belgium


RRFM 2011

RRFM 2011
20 -24 March 2011 in Rome, Italy


NESTet 2011

NESTet 2011
15 - 18 May 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic



The nuclear industry is facing two major challenges: an ageing workforce and rapid growth. Ranked number one in the global nuclear power industry, AREVA provides all related skills enhancement and training solutions for its partners and customers, both in France and in the rest of the world. These are based upon optimum safety levels, as well as on the experience and know-how developed by the Group for its own training requirements.

Major institutions in France (e.g. universities, INSTN – the national institute for nuclear technology- etc.) provide the education, required at various levels, by staff working in the nuclear industry. AREVA is involved in defining programmes, contributing lecturers, offering internships and, in general, presenting the industry’s viewpoint. One example is the creation of the International Master's degree in Nuclear Energy, run by a consortium of several academic institutions in France (Université Paris-Sud 11, ParisTech, Supélec, Ecole Centrale Paris, INSTN) with the support of major industrial companies (AREVA, EDF, GDF-SUEZ).

AREVA also participates in ENELA (European Nuclear Energy Leaders Academy) with other industrial actors, such as Urenco, Axpo, EnBW, E.ON and Vattenfall and with the support of the European Commission. The objective is to train post-graduates and high potential employees with different backgrounds to become leaders in joint European nuclear ventures and institutions, and to facilitate a dialogue with industrial and non-industrial stakeholders.

As a project progresses through the various industrial phases, AREVA’s training role increases in parallel with the technological content. Industrial training is provided by AREVA at a dozen training centres in Europe and in the USA. Around 600 courses are currently on offer, with 100 trainers and several thousand students participating every year. All teaching methods are used, including e-learning, classroom sessions, simulations and experimental reactor training, fact-finding missions and visits to operating nuclear facilities and specific internships. AREVA is also able to set up and manage turnkey training centres.

Courses are available to all the Group’s partners and stakeholders, i.e. government authorities, technical support organisations (IRSN, TÜV, etc), engineering & manufacturing companies (design & construction, decommissioning), utilities (operation, maintenance), uranium cycle plants (operation, maintenance) and suppliers.

The courses cover all stages of a nuclear programme and can meet the needs of both newcomers and current actors in the nuclear field. They focus not only on scientific and technical subjects, but also on project management, with specific programmes covering the entire lifecycle of a nuclear facility:

  • Introduction to nuclear energy

  • Supplier excellence

  • Nuclear project management

  • Nuclear safety skills

  • Design, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of nuclear facilities

AREVA Training centres

12 Training Centres in France, UK, Germany and the USA

More than 7,600 square meters of installations are dedicated to training

Over 600 training programmes

More than 100 full-time trainers with significant industry experience and expertise

High-capacity training facilities equipped with the latest technologies

Full scale mock-ups faithfully reproducing original components



Fuel Training Pool, US

Fuel Training Pool, US

Study Simulator, France


For more information consult:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
AREVA Training Department


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