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Olivier Lefebvre

Olivier Lefebvre, 26, Belgium, Project Engineer

  1. Who are you currently working for?

    SYNATOM S.A., a subsidiary of the GDF SUEZ group. Reprocessing & Waste Department.  I’m currently working on the repatriation of compacted waste from La Hague.

  2. What did you study and how has your study influenced your career choice?

    I studied civil engineering. So I didn’t have any nuclear background while starting my career.

  3. What kind of additional courses and training did you do?

    As all young engineers recruited by GDF SUEZ for working in nuclear activities, I got the chance to go through a one year apprenticeship called “Nuclear Trainee Program”.

    This program combines theoretical study modules and field training, and allows junior engineers to become nuclear generalists while creating a strong internal network.