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(April 2011)


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NESTet 2011

NESTet 2011
15 - 18 May 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic


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RRFM 2012
18 - 22 March 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic


ENC 2012

ENC 2012
9 - 12 December 2012 in Manchester, United Kingdom

























The Hungarian Nuclear Society’s electronic journal

Preserving knowledge about the safe applications of nuclear energy, passing it on and increasing it is a great challenge. The publication in Hungarian of the latest results relating to both education and research and development is very important. Therefore, the Hungarian Nuclear Society decided to start up an online journal, which appears regularly in Hungarian. The journal, called NUKLEON, was first published in 2008.

NUKLEON features articles from a variety of fields, including reactor physics, thermo hydraulics, fusion technology, operational and safety regulations, radio-chemistry, radioprotection, radioactive waste treatment and education. In the journal you can regularly read young students’ reports, as well as articles written by a more experienced generation of scientists. The Hungarian Nuclear Society has always paid great attention to public education in Hungary, primarily in physics. It has monitored the status of education in this domain because this is fundamental to providing a supply of future nuclear physicists. As a result, articles and reports presenting developments in this field are regularly published. Particle physics research in Hungary is increasingly producing significant results and, therefore, the subject is regularly featured in the journal as well. To increase the standard of the articles, they are reviewed by experts before being released.

Nukleon is an electronic publication, thereby reducing the economic footprint, making archiving easier and reducing production costs. To reach the target readers, which include our members and the scientific and technical public in Hungary, the articles are made available to everybody for free, on the web. So far, we have published 13 editions of NUKLEON, featuring a total of 78 articles.

In our latest edition articles on the following subjects have been published:

  • The examination of fuel cells from the nuclear reactor block 4 at Paks NPP, Hungary

  • The temporary storage of radioactive waste at Paks NPP

  • The development of new decontamination techniques at nuclear power plants

  • New theoretical methods of handling the PSA uncertainty resulting from earthquakes

  • Modern physics courses at Klára Leőwey Secondary School, in Pécs, Hungary

  • A Korean nuclear power plant on the shores of the Arabian Gulf

-	Korean nuclear power plant on the shores of the Arab Gluf

  • Retrospective dosimetry, a new forensic analytical method

  • Good household materials for retrospective dosimetry: floor tiles, bricks, porcelain, roof tiles etc.

Good household Materials for Retrospective dosimetry

  • The first collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): collisions at 900 and 2360 GeV energy (see table below)

  • The connection between the impulse and energy of hadrons

The connection between the impulse and energy of hadrons

    • Simulation of strength testing carried out on reactor fuel casing

    • The effect of randomly placed softer elements on the expansion (a) and on the effect of just softening up the end of the tube (b) (table below)

    The effect of randomly placed softer elements

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