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(February 2013)


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Pime 2013

PIME 2013
17 - 20 February 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

ETRAP 2013

ETRAP 2013
12 - 15 March 2013 in Vienna, Austria

RRFM 2013

RRFM 2013
21 - 25 April 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

NESTet 2013

NESTet 2013
17 - 21 November 2013 in Madrid, Spain

PIME 2013

RRFM 2013 – Programme out now!

This year the European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) will be organised from 21 - 25 April 2013 in Saint Petersburg, The Russian Federation.

All Areas of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle of Research Reactors will remain a key focus of this years’ programme.

Furthermore delegates at RRFM 2012 will discuss:

  • Innovative methods in research reactor analysis and design

  • Utilization of Research Reactors

  • New Research Reactor Projects

  • Research Reactor Operation, Maintenance and Safety Reassessment

Following last years’ success and highlighting the important work done in the area, this year’s programme will again feature a session on ‘Complementary Safety Assessment of Research Reactors following the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi NPP’s Accident’. And last but not least our Russian partners will present their ‘PIK’ reactor.

Further information on RRFM 2013 and the preliminary programme is available at

Register now!

It is now possible to register for RRFM 2013. We strongly recommend doing so as soon as possible in particular if you intend to participate in one of the technical tours. Please note that the local organizer, ATOMEXPO LLC, will have to transfer the final list of participants of all technical tours, including their IDs/passport numbers no later the 25th of February to the relevant authorities.

Support for VISA application:
ATOMEXPO LLC, the local organiser of RRFM 2013 will support the VISA application process: upon reception of the registration form and a scan of the ID-document/passport, ATOMEXPO LLC will forward this information to the VISA department of ROSATOM. ROSATOM will process the information and each participant will receive a VISA-number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Delegates should then present themselves with this number at the Embassy of Russia in their respective country. Please note that this process will take about 10 working days and that the Russian Embassy will also need some time to issue a VISA. We therefore recommend registering early for RRFM 2013!



RRFM 2013 Conference Secretariat


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