5th FEM’ENERGIA AWARD: Women of Talent in Nuclear

For the 5th year, the Fem’Energia Award will feature young women and women who promote gender development in their commitment to the nuclear sector. Women in Nuclear (WiN) Europe and WiN France and EDF are convinced that nuclear jobs are often wrongly mistaken as “men’s job”. The nuclear field would benefit by welcoming more women in its sector. By pointing up remarkable women since 2009, the Fem’Energia Award promotes the place of women in the nuclear field by showing the ones who have scientific, technical and nuclear technology posts. Thus, its goal is to attract young women and consolidate their choice of working in nuclear.

The following “call for application” and the accompanying flyer should provide ENS NEWS readers with more information about this special award. If you would like to know even more about it, you can contact our friends at WiN France and WiN Europe via the email addresses provided at the end of the application form.

How to Apply for the Fem’Energia Award

If you are a young woman attending a French high-school or university, or a woman working in the nuclear sector in the European Union and Switzerland, apply for the Fem'Energia Awards 2013.

Through the Fem'Energia Awards, WiN Europe, WiN France and EDF aim to provide encouragement and guidance to young women involved in the nuclear industry.



1. Women working in the nuclear industry in Europe
2. Women working in the nuclear industry in France


1. Vocational secondary school students*
2. Graduate students with 2 or 3 years of higher education*
3. Post graduate students with 4 or 5 years and more of higher education*

(*) in their final graduation year in a French school. Students from the European Union and Switzerland studying in France can apply.

Registration before April 28th, 2013. The Awards ceremony will take place in autumn 2013.

What could you win?

• Each First Prize:

Women working in France : at trip for 2 people (about one week) to a European Union country, including a tour of a nuclear power plant.

Women working in a European Union country, or in Switzerland: a trip for 2 people (about one week) to France, including a tour of a French nuclear plant.

Each Second Prize: €750 week-end trip for 2 people
Each Third Prize: €300 gift pack


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