Atoms for the Future

Atoms for the Future is a key international event organised every year by the French Nuclear Energy Society - Young Generation Network (SFEN JG).  

The 2012 edition (from 22- 25 October) was dedicated to plant operation and featured top-level speakers such as Luc Oursel, AREVA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, André-Claude Lacoste, former Chairman of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). About 250 students and young professionals from the nuclear industry participated in the event. Such was the success of the event that SFEN JG has already started organising the 2013 edition of the event. It will be held from 21 – 24 October 2013 and will be dedicated to the subject of Nuclear Energy and the Power Grid. It will consist of 2-days of conferences followed by 2 days of visits, including to an EDF NPP, to the RTE dispatching center and to a cogeneration facility.

The aim of the sessions and visits is to provide participants with a broad view of the interactions between nuclear energy and power grids. They will address economical, technical, scientific and social topics, such as load follow from an operator’s perspective, the market price of electricity, solutions for smart grids and local production of electricity. The programme will also feature a round table session with European power grid operating companies. Luc Oursel has already confirmed that he will give a presentation during the conference on solutions for low-carbon electricity.

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