Editorial staff:

Editorial Staff:

Mark O’Donovan, Editor-in-Chief

Contributors to this Issue:

Zuzana Andrlova (WIN Coordination Committeee)
Boryana Atanasova (BNS)
J. Bannon (e-Squard Consulting GmbH)
Helmuth Böck (Vienna University of Technology/Atominstitute)
Boris Hombourger (Swiss Young Generation)
Carolin Cedergreb (Committeee for ENYGF)
Filip Gottfridsson (Committee for ENYGF)
Eileen Radde (ÖKTG)
Renate Reininger (ÖKTG)
K. Rustam (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences)
M. Salletmaier (Vienna University of Technology/Atominstitute)
Marco Streit (ENS)


Marion Brünglinghaus

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