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SIEN conference

The Romanian Nuclear Energy Association (AREN) would like to inform potential participants that the International Nuclear Energy Symposium (SIEN 2013), initially scheduled for 20 - 24 October 2013, has been postponed to 10 - 14 November 2013.

SIEN is a well-established conference organised by AREN, with the support of traditional partners such as the Romanian Atomic Forum and the Romanian National Representative of the World Energy Council (WEC). The theme of the conference this year is Nuclear Power – Milestones on the Path to Sustainability, which aims to promote a debate on the future of nuclear power in Europe taking into account recent events in Europe and elsewhere. The conference programme will include technical sessions and interactive workshops, one of which will be organised by the Young Generation Network and another by Women in Nuclear (WiN). The conference will conclude with two technical tours, with participants given an opportunity to choose between Cernavoda NPP and the Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Plant and research facility.

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Education fair

The Romanian Young Generation Network, which is part of AREN, has been involved recently in educational activities aimed at the general public. From 3 – 5 April 2013, the Association was present during the educational fair organized by the Politechnica University of Bucharest, an event that was aimed at attracting high school students to the Nuclear Energy Department of the University. Around 1,000 pupils visited the fair, made contact with the Association and received flyers and information about the opportunities that exist to start a career in the nuclear field.

A presentation was given by Nicolae Victor Zamfir

Science Evenings

Another activity designed to create a more comfortable and easy interaction between the nuclear industry and the public was organised by AREN on 22 April 2013. It was a pilot event for a planned series of “Science Evenings”. It was hosted by a local teahouse in Bucharest and the subject of the debate was the ELI-NP laser that is being built in Romania, in cooperation with the Czech Republic and Hungary. A presentation was given by Nicolae Victor Zamfir, PhD, the Manager of the ELI-NP laser construction project and the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering. The guests were keen to find out more about what is an important project for Romania and to receive information from a specialist. The Association plans to continue these Science Evenings, which will take place in a sociable and interactive environment and seek to make science more comprehensible and accessible to the public.

Science Evenings

comfortable and easy interaction

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