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Ensuring Safety, Security and Safeguards in Nuclear Power: Opportunities and challenges of a coordinated approach

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L-3 MAPPS to Introduce MAAP5 Severe Accident Simulation on Ling Ao Phase II Simulator

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Report: Top Down Nuclear Workforce Demand Extrapolation available from EHRO-N website

12th IAEA/FORATOM Workshop to focus on excellence in a changing environment

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The ECVET-oriented Nuclear Job Taxonomy: a European cooperative project

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NESTet 2013

NESTet 2013
17 - 21 November 2013 in Madrid, Spain

PIME 2014

PIME 2014
16 - 19 February 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

RRFM 2014

RRFM 2014
30 March - 3 April 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

ENC 2014

ENC 2014
11 - 15 May 2014 in Marseille, France


4th IGD-TP Exchange Forum (EF4)

It is now time to register and to  propose a presentation to one of the 5 working groups

The aims of this EF4 are:

  1. Bring forward new projects in a bottom-up approach in the framework of the deployment of activities described in the SRA/DP (Strategic Research Agenda)

  2. Identify new subjects of collaboration related to SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform) future needs

  3. Identify subject of common interest with Technical Support Organisations (TSOs) through SITEX (Sustainable network of Independent Technical EXpertise for radioactive waste Disposal)

  4. Inform on working groups activities and EC projects

  5. Develop new R&D programmes on stakeholder involvement

To fulfill these objectives, 5 Working Groups are planned and will allow discussion on priorities and new areas of interest:

  • WG1:  Cement

  • WG2:  Monitoring

  • WG3:  New Waste Type, in collaboration with SNETP

  • WG4: RD&D TSO’s needs: the view of SITEX

  • WG5: Microbiological Studies

For this EF4, the idea is to focus on new ideas that could complement our SRA priorities through a bottom-up approach and to involve in a more efficient way new actors of the RD&D. That’s why all participants are encouraged to send their contributions/suggestions and ideas.  

To register and submit a presentation, this Registration & application form needs to be filled in and sent to the Secretariat

The call for presentation will close on August 31. Registrations are open until September, 30.  

For more information on EF4, I invite you to visit our website:

Do not hesitate to disseminate this news to all parties that can be interested in this event.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Prague

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