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(August 2013)


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NESTet 2013

PIME 2014

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ENC 2014

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Eastern and Central European Decommissioning (ECED) 2013 conference

International conference: Eastern and Central Europe Decommissioning 2013

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The 10th anniversary of the reactor physics section of the Czech Nuclear Society

Activities of the Romanian Nuclear Energy Association

Young researchers’ day

Ensuring Safety, Security and Safeguards in Nuclear Power: Opportunities and challenges of a coordinated approach

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International Youth Nuclear Congress 2014

AREN-YG Round Table at Nuclear 2013 conference

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L-3 MAPPS to Introduce MAAP5 Severe Accident Simulation on Ling Ao Phase II Simulator

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Report: Top Down Nuclear Workforce Demand Extrapolation available from EHRO-N website

12th IAEA/FORATOM Workshop to focus on excellence in a changing environment

GENTLE promotes nuclear education, training and research

The ECVET-oriented Nuclear Job Taxonomy: a European cooperative project

WIN-Germany Award 2013

4th IGD-TP Exchange Forum

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NESTet 2013

NESTet 2013
17 - 21 November 2013 in Madrid, Spain

PIME 2014

PIME 2014
16 - 19 February 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

RRFM 2014

RRFM 2014
30 March - 3 April 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

ENC 2014

ENC 2014
11 - 15 May 2014 in Marseille, France



SNE News

  • Spain's Nuclear Safety Council agreed on May 24th, 2013 to extend the deadline for the closure of the Garoña nuclear power plant. It will leave more time for the operator, Nuclenor, to potentially request the extension of the operating licence of Garoña, which is scheduled to stop working on July 6th 2013.

  • The 39thAnnual Meeting that will be held from 25th to 27th of September of 2013 in Reus is already open for registration. All the relevant information about the meeting is available at:

The technical program includes three Plenary Sessions and two Monographic Sessions devoted to relevant current issues related to energy subjects or associated topics. The participants in these sessions include high ranking national and international experts in the topics covered by the sessions.

The Plenary Sessions will focus on currently important issues in the energy and nuclear sectors such as:

• Training, a strategic key to the safe operation of nuclear power plants.
• Internationalization of the Spanish nuclear industry.
• Management and prioritization of regulatory requirements (roundtalbe format).

For Monograph Sessions have chosen the following two topics:

• Research in the nuclear sector.
• Electric power interconnections and security of supply.

The core of the technical program are the Technical Sessions and “Learn more about... Courses”, in which national and international professionals and experts present their work on relevant projects and scientific studies and on the progress made in the past year in different fields. The technical papers are presented in parallel oral sessions and poster sessions. The subjects of the papers cover a wide range of fields such as fission, maintenance, R&D, communication, legal aspects of nuclear power, medical
applications, etc.

This year “Learn more about...Courses” will be:

• The electricity market and the domestic bill.
• Human error prevention techniques in engineering works.

The meeting also includes activities aimed at informing and educating the general public, e.g. the Basic Course on Nuclear Science and Technology, which is organized by the SNE’s Nuclear Youth Committee and is open to students from the city and region and to anyone else who wishes to learn more about nuclear energy and technology.


  • Young Nuclear Generation is pushing actively the education and training of young people, giving new editions of its Annual Seminar on Safety on Advanced Reactors, Basic Course of Nuclear Science and Technology at the ETS of Industrial Engineering of Polytechnic University of Madrid.

  • Nuclear España, the monthly magazine of SNE, published since 1984, has issued the editions 335th and 339th about the “38th Annual Meeting” and the winter session "Spanish Nuclear Power Plants in 2012. Experiences and Perspectives", in English and Spanish.

uclear Espana

  • SNE has published its annual call for the award of 5 scholarships of € 3,000 each devoted to the enrollment of students in master's and / or postgraduate courses in nuclear science and technology. All information is posted on the website of the SNE (

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