Issue No. 43 Winter
(February 2014)


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National initiatives to attract young people to study nuclear energy related subjects

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PIME 2014

RRFM 2014

ENC 2014

TopFuel 2015

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France - Poland agreement


NENE 2014

Hungarian Nuclear Society highlights publication of three new books

The Swedish Nuclear Society Honorary Award

The International Symposium on Nuclear Energy – SIEN 2013

Nuclear veterans - old, but still active

YGN Report

NESTet 2013 – Putting the spotlight on nuclear education and training

IYNC 2014 –Rising to the challenge

Atoms for the Future conference: developing knowledge, investing in youth

Corporate Members

AiNT at forefront of training in the field of nuclear engineering

MELODI, European Radioecology Alliance, NERIS and EURADOS sign a Memorandum of Understanding

L-3 MAPPS Wins Tihange 1 Full Scope Simulator Project

CERN and SCK•CEN join forces to develop particle accelerators

Protective gas chamber furnaces for heat treatment

FALCON, a Consortium to build a Gen IV Lead Fast Reactor Demo in Romania

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Energy – Transparency Centre of Knowledge (E-TRACK)

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PIME 2014

PIME 2014
16 - 19 February 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

RRFM 2014

RRFM 2014
30 March - 3 April 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

ENC 2014

ENC 2014
11 - 15 May 2014 in Marseille, France

TopFuel 2015

Topfuel 2015
13 - 17 September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland

PIME 2014

PIME 2014: Delivering results for your day-to-day work

There are not many specialised communications conferences that are still going strong after more than 25 years, especially in an area as technical and complex as nuclear energy. But PIME is one of them.  Its track record proves it. But what is the secret of its longevity? What is its unique selling proposition?

It’s all about sharing experiences, cross fertilising ideas, working together to design the tools needed to solve common solutions and, as a result, improving our communications output.

This practical and results-oriented approach is clearly evident in the PIME 2014 programme, where workshops focusing on social media, working with contractors and ‘talking about radiation’ put the emphasis on identifying best practices, thinking outside the box, establishing partnerships and delivering materials that really speak to target audiences.

If you return home from PIME 2014 (16 – 19 February 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) with new ideas and practical tools that you can apply to your everyday reality then PIME will once again have delivered and proven its durability.

If you are interested in results, make sure that you are part of the winning PIME formula and register your attendance NOW.

PIME 2014 Conference Secretariat


organised in collaboration with:

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
Nuclear Society of Slovenia


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