Automated Measuring System for Industrial and Ecological Monitoring: a priority for Russia’s Zelenogorsk uranium enrichment electrochemical plant

In 2010, the first stage of the Automated Measuring System for Industrial and Ecological Monitoring (AMSIEM) at the JSC Production Association electrochemical plant, in Zelenogorsk, Russia, was finalized. The company is active in the nuclear fuel cycle and is part of the Russian corporation TVEL. The new ecological monitoring system verifies radiation levels, as well as chemical and meteorological parameters. The aim is to survey both the working areas of the plant and areas within the plant’s perimeter. At the official opening 27 measurement channels fixed to 22 stationary posts at key locations inside the plant began monitoring. Eventually, AMSIEM will monitor the ecological environment around the plant with more than 60 stationary posts. All the data are collected, archived, processed, and visualised for the convenience of end users, and shared with the local ministry responsible for managing emergency situations.

Automated Measuring System for Industrial and Ecological Monitoring (AMSIEM)

Using patented SkyLINK radio technology for wide-area monitoring, which was developed by Saphymo (Germany), this system has proven reliability performance; performance that includes different subsystems. The SkyLINK transmitters fixed to stationary posts are unique in many ways - most notably with regards to their power output (just 10 mW, which is enough to send data up to 100 km).The complete system integrates the local subsystems into a more powerful consolidated AMSIEM, which has one analytical centre. One important subsystem of the AMSIEM is the control of the chemical environment. It allows measurement of the concentration of toxic gases, such as NH3, HF, SO2, and NO2. All sensors have been integrated via the Universal Telemetry Platform, with battery back-up within the surveillance system.

control of the chemical situation

Another AMSIEM subsystem called ‘Automated System for Radiation Situation Control’ consists of 13 autonomously operating GammaTRACER radio probes that are used as stationary posts for γ-­dose rate surveillance, together with a hand-held MiniTRACE radio dose rate meter. The system has been upgraded since May 2012.

In 2013, a car-based Mobile Complex of Emergency Response (MCER) based on the mobile ShortLINK radio system was integrated into the AMSIEM, comprising of radiation and mobile chemical sensors. This MCER can be used to meet the needs of the whole region, covering a transmission distance of up to 5 km. Installation and maintenance is performed together by technical specialists of Soyuzatompribor, in Moscow. 

The AMSIEM’s functionality can easily be expanded. It can also integrate new types of measuring instruments, such as the new spectrometric SpectroTRACER probe for air, soil and water, which uses the ShortLINK or SkyLINK channel as a back-up, principally operating via LAN, WIFI, GPRS or satellite. Integration of air particulate monitors, iodine and others also demonstrates the system’s performance.  The different ecological initiatives launched at the Zelenogorsk Electrochemical Plant were presented to ROSATOM in September 2013. They offer a model platform for the measurement of other potentially dangerous substaces in the Krasnoyarsk Region and will become part of the regional AMSIEM (RAMSIEM). 
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