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Spanish Nuclear Society organises technical session on long-term operation



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Topfuel 2015
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RRFM 2015
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sne - 1974-2014

Spanish Nuclear Society organises technical session on long-term operation

A one-day Technical Session organised by the Spanish Nuclear Society (Sociedad Nuclear Española - SNE) took place on 24 April 2014. Approximately 60 people from the nuclear sector took part – an impressive turn-out. As in recent years, it was organised by the Technical Commission of SNE. The Technical Session was held at the Faculty of Mining Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The title of the Technical Session was: Long-Term life management of nuclear power stations. As witnessed by the numbers of participants, and by the great interest that they showed in it, the session was a big success – in spite of an obvious information overload and the tight schedule. This endorsed the relevance of the chosen topics.

Registration for the 40th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 1 - 3 October 2014, in Valencia, is now open. All the relevant information about the meeting is available at: The technical programme includes two Plenary Sessions, a Special Session and two Monograph Sessions dedicated to the relevant current issues related to energy and associated issues. The participants in these sessions include high-ranking national and international experts in each relevant topic. The Plenary Sessions will focus on important current issues in the energy and nuclear sectors such as:

  • Energy storage: Current technology and advanced developments

  • The Chinese Nuclear Programme

The Special Session will focus on 40 years of the Spanish Nuclear Society

The Monograph Sessions will be dedicated to the following two topics:

  • Nuclear power plant design strength and new emergency management strategies

  • Techniques associated with the reduction of radioactive waste

The key components of the technical programme are the Technical Sessions and the “Learn more about...” courses, in which national and international experts present their work on specific projects and research studies, and detail the progress that has been made in different fields over the past year. Technical papers are presented in parallel oral sessions and poster sessions. The subjects of the papers cover a wide range of fields, such as fission, maintenance, R&D, communications, the legal aspects of nuclear power, medical applications, etc.

This year the “Learn more about...” courses will be on:

  • Grid stability

  • Energy reserves

  • Financing models for new nuclear projects

The meeting also includes activities aimed at informing and educating the general public, e.g. the Basic Course on Nuclear Science and Technology, which is organized by the SNE’s Nuclear Youth Committee and is open to students from the city and region, as well as to anyone else who wishes to learn more about nuclear energy and technology.

40th Annual Meeting

The Spanish Young Generation Nuclear network is actively engaged in promoting the education and training of students and young professionals through its Annual Seminar on Safety of Advanced Reactors at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.  

Nuclear España, the monthly magazine of the SNE that has been distributed since 1984, recently published issues 346 and 350, which are about the 39th Annual Meeting and the winter session entitled: Spanish Nuclear Power Plants in 2013: Experiences and perspectives (available in both English and Spanish).

Nuclear Espana

The Spanish Nuclear Society recently organised a special ceremony to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. The event took place on 18 June 2014, with the participation of previous Boards of Directors, individual & collective members, institutional partners and special guests. A book has also been published to commemorate this event.

award for Mastrs and Postgraduate Thesis

SNE has invited candidates to take part its annual awards for the best Masters and postgraduate theses related to nuclear technology. These awards are to be used exclusively to cover the winners’ academic registration costs up to a maximum amount of €3.000. There will be at least seven scholarships to be won. All relevant information is available on the website of SNE’s ( The SNE Board of Directors has decided unanimously to create a new SNE award for a Doctoral Thesis in the nuclear field, and it will be announced officially in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The Spanish Nuclear Society announced the 2014 edition of the Projects and Master’s Award with content related to science and nuclear technology. The three finalist projects were publicly announced on May 15, 2014, and these projects will be presented at the 40th Annual Meeting in Valencia. The winner will be elected during the upcoming SNE Annual Meeting and awarded € 1,500 plus a commemorative.


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