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(October 2014)


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10th International Conference of the Croatian Nuclear Society

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International Youth Nuclear Congress 2014

ENYGF 2015 – Nuclear and Environment – June 2015

Interview with Mr. Noël Camarcat, President of the European Nuclear Society (ENS)

Interview with Mr. Tarik Choho, Head of AREVA’s International Commercial Organization

World Nuclear Association Symposium 2014

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Tony Lahoutte wins SCK•CEN Scientific Award ‘Prof. Roger Van Geen’

Tube furnace up to 1100 °C


L-3 MAPPS to Update Ling Ao and Ling Ao Phase II Reactor Core Models

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PIME 2015

PIME 2015
1- 4 March 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia

RRFM 2015

RRFM 2015
19 - 23 April 2015 in
Bucharest, Romania


TopFuel 2015

Topfuel 2015
13 - 17 September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland













ENYGF 2015 – Nuclear and Environment – June 2015

ENYGF 2015

The Atoms for the Future 2014 conference brought together, in France, more than 200 students and young nuclear professionals from all over the world (USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.). Now SFEN JG (Young Generation) is busy preparing the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum conference, which will take place in Paris in June 2015.

The European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF) is a biennial event organised by the European Nuclear Society – Young Generation Network (ENS-YGN). The last edition of the forum was held in June 2013 in Stockholm; it was a successful event that brought together about 400 young professionals and students from Europe and the world. It featured a number of very interesting technical sessions (workshops, plenary, etc.) and fantastic networking social events. The next ENYGF will be held in Paris in June 2015 and will be dedicated to Nuclear and the Environment in order to share ideas about the role of nuclear in the energy mix and climate change within the context of COP21 (Paris, December 2015). It will provide a major opportunity for the nuclear young generation to make its voice heard.

The forum will consist of three days of conference sessions (plenary & panel sessions, workshops and technical sessions) and social events throughout the week, followed by a day set aside for technical visits in France and another one for cultural events.

I. Call for Papers

Any participant interested in presenting a paper or poster during the event is invited to send us his/her abstract before 13 November at

Participating in ENYGF 2015 offers a great opportunity for you to present your thesis or work to the nuclear young generation.

The technical session topics will be as follows:

  • Plant operations, engineering, maintenance and new buildings

  • Reactor physics, nuclear fuel and materials

  • Nuclear safety and thermal-hydraulics

  • Advanced reactors – Gen IV & SMRs

  • Fusion

  • Decommissioning and waste management

 II. Call for workshop managers

During the sessions a series of workshops will also be organised. They will consist of interactive sessions involving a small group of participants (between 30 and 40). Each group will perform a specific task (e.g. create a game or brainstorming session) and present the results of its work. Each workshop will be managed by a ‘workshop manager.’

The manager will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop a workshop based on a given topic, in coordination with the ENYGF workshop chairperson

  • Contact speakers and companies and invite them to participate in the workshop

  • Attend the conference (supported by her/his company) to lead the workshop.

If you are interested in managing a workshop, contact the workshop team at before 30 October.

Being an ENYGF workshop manager is an opportunity to learn a lot about a specific topic, to meet very interesting people before and during the workshop session and to create something that will be valued by the participants.

The workshop topics will be as follows:

  • Fuel cycle game

  • Next nuclear fuel: Accident tolerant fuel

  • Impact of an NPP on the environment

  • Nuclear waste management options

  • Impact of dismantling on the environment

  • CO2 emissions reduction mechanisms

  • Nuclear and renewables: similarities and differences

  • Energy and raw materials

  • How to decarbonize an energy mix

  • How to make COP21 a success for the global climate

  • Changing grid requirements & load follow capability

  • Life time extension of NPPs

  • How to develop an efficient communication strategy

  • The trouble with justification

  • Crisis communications

  • Leadership


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