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PIME 2015

PIME 2015
1- 4 March 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia

RRFM 2015

RRFM 2015
19 - 23 April 2015 in
Bucharest, Romania


TopFuel 2015

Topfuel 2015
13 - 17 September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland



















Nuclear energy for new Europe

NENE 2014

The 23rd international conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2014, which was organised by the Nuclear Society of Slovenia, was held in Portorož, Slovenia, from 8 to 11 September 2014. The conference was attended by 183 participants from 27 countries and international organisations.

keynote speaker Rauno Rintamaa

In addition to three distinguished keynote speakers (Rauno Rintamaa, Finland, Cristophe Behar, France, and Francesco Romanelli, UK) there were 47 oral presentations and 75 posters. They covered a wide range of topics, from reactor theory and safety analyses to practical experience of reactor operation, the role of nuclear energy in the society, as well as prospects for fusion energy. The programme of the conference and the abstracts are available at:

Young Authors Competition

The Young Authors Competition and the Best Poster Awards are a well-established tradition at this conference. The Young Author Awards were presented to:

  • Hygreeva Kiran Namburi for the paper TEM Foils Preparation from Irradiated Austenitic  Stainless Steel - An applied methodology, co-authored by Petra Bublíková and Vít Rosnecký

  • Žiga Štancar for the paper Thermal Power Calibration of the TRIGA Mark II Reactor, co-authored by Luka Snoj.

The Best Poster Awards were presented to posters entitled:

  • Pressurized Water Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Modelization and Severe Accident  Analysis using ASTEC code, by Mirco Di Giuli, Marco Sumini and Giacomino Bandini

  • Validation of the neutron and gamma flux distributions in the JSI TRIGA reactor core, by Gašper Žerovnik, Tanja Kaiba, Vladimir Radulović, Anže Jazbec, Sebastjan Rupnik,  Loic Barbot, Damien Fourmentel, Luka Snoj, and Jean-François Villard.

Naturally, the conference offered plenty opportunities for networking. A trip to the Sečovlje salt-pans further contributed to the relaxed atmosphere throughout the event.

group photo NENE 2014

The next conference ( will again take place in Portorož, from 14 to 17 September 2015.

Dr Igor Jenčič
Chairman of the Programme Committee


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