Issue No. 47 Winter
(February 2015)


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The French Nuclear Society signs a cooperation agreement with the Turkish Nuclear Engineers Society

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Belgian scientists harness latest technology in search for elementary particles

Fun and sophistication at the nuclear industry's social event of the year

XIIIth Symposium of the Hungarian Nuclear Society

The NI is to inspire future nuclear scientists at National Big Bang Fair

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The NI award excellence prizes to young professionals

Experience exchange at Kozloduy NPP

“Nuclear energy and the energy mix” – the example of knowledge transfer

The Bulgarian Young Generation Network organises workshop to celebrate its 15th anniversary

ENYGF 2015

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L-3 MAPPS Participates in Opening of Upgraded Heysham 1 Simulator

NRG finalizes qualification irradiation of the China-manufactured fuel for use in the new HTR-PM nuclear power plant

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WANO Scholarships now open

6th EUTERP Workshop | Legislative change in Europe: the implications for training in radiation protection - Rising to the challenge

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PIME 2015

PIME 2015
1- 4 March 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia

RRFM 2015

RRFM 2015
19 - 23 April 2015 in
Bucharest, Romania


TopFuel 2015

Topfuel 2015
13 - 17 September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland


Press Release

Petten, December 31, 2014

NRG finalizes qualification irradiation of the China-manufactured fuel for use in the new HTR-PM nuclear power plant

Yesterday, NRG has completed the multiyear qualification irradiation project of the China-manufactured fuel for use in the HTR-PM reactor, which is being constructed in the Shan Dong province of China. This high temperature resistant fuel consists of small coated fuel particles contained in 6 cm diameter pebbles. The irradiation results have shown very good behavior during the customized irradiation in the High Flux Reactor, Petten, The Netherlands, operated by NRG.

High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor—Pebble Bed Module (HTR-PM)

HTR-PM is a world-first modular full-scale high temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration plant and is one of the 16 key projects in the Chinese national medium- and long-term (2006-2020) science & technology development program. This plant is located at Shidao Bay, Weihai, China. The first concrete of HTR-PM was poured in December 2012.

HTR-PM is an innovative nuclear reactor system with enhanced safety characteristics and high energy efficiency. It is an optimized and innovative design using Chinese engineering and manufacturing capability, based on extensive Chinese and world experience in High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor technology.

NRG HTR expertise

NRG has decades of experience with the controlled irradiation and examination of fuel and materials for HTR reactors. The HTR fuel is irradiated in the High Flux Reactor, and the behavior is monitored during the irradiation. Next to extensive fuel irradiation expertise, NRG is world leading with regards to graphite irradiation and examination. This is the case for HTR applications but also for the graphite currently applied in British power reactors, as basis for their long term operation safety cases.



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