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Status of the Fluoride Salt High Temperature Reactor Materials Irradiation Tests at the MIT Research Reactor

Assessment of the Burnout Phenomenon in the SAFARI-1

Developing Strategic Plans for Effective Utilization of Research Reactors

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PIME 2015: Embracing and communicating change

RRFM 2015: From the Perspective of Young Generation

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The Nuclear Delta™ is now trademarked by the Nuclear Institute

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Three leading players on the nuclear skills landscape have joined forces to sign a new collaborative agreement that promotes the highest standards of professionalism across the UK’s nuclear industry.

Nuclear for Climate initiative fuels nuclear and climate change debate

Decommissioning on top of the agenda at ECED 2015 conference

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Romania: Daniela Lulache, female leader of the nuclear industry

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Important update for reactor BR2


Improved Simulator Training Session Monitoring and Debriefing

Business Programme for the VII International Forum ATOMEXPO 2015 is approved

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TopFuel 2015

Topfuel 2015
13 - 17 September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland



Nuclear for Climate initiative fuels nuclear and climate change debate

The ongoing global climate talks that are expected to culminate with an agreement at COP21 in Paris, in December 2015, prompted nuclear associations and societies from all over the world to launch an initiative called Nuclear4Climate. Avid readers of ENS NEWS will have seen the article about the campaign that featured in ENS NEWS N° 47. The goal of this campaign is to fuel the debate about how to fight climate change and highlight the essential contribution of nuclear energy to that fight. Nuclear4Climate brings together 60 trade associations and fora from around the world (including ENS, FORATOM, the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) and the American Nuclear Society – ANS to name but a few) that are keen to promote nuclear energy’s game-changing contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Contributing to the fight against climate change

Most readers who are active in the nuclear community will already be well aware of the impressive climate change credentials of nuclear energy. At a time when the EU is more than ever determined to achieve its low-carbon economy goals, the role of nuclear - as a non-CO2 emitting energy source - in mitigating the effects of climate change is vital. However, not all readers may be quite so familiar with nuclear energy’s environmentally-friendly profile. By raising awareness of this fact the Nuclear4Climate campaign is spreading the word and bringing the debate about nuclear energy’s contribution to a large, environmentally-conscious and information hungry audience.

But what are the facts? Important studies have consistently demonstrated that nuclear energy must be part of the solution to meet increasing electricity demand while reducing greenhouse gases. For example, nuclear power provides 11% of global electricity production, 27% of Europe's electricity and 53% of its carbon-free electricity. According to the latest World Energy Outlook published by the IEA, it has already avoided the release of around 56 Gt of CO2 since 1971, which is equivalent to two years of emissions at current rates. By 2040, it is foreseen that the release of almost four years of CO2 emissions at current rates will have been avoided.

ICAPP 2015 and other initiatives

During the 2015 International Congress on Advances on Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP), which recently took place in Nice, France, the Nuclear4Climate campaign grabbed the media and social media spotlight by organising the signing of a Joint Declaration by representatives of the main supporting organisations. This event, in which 40 nuclear societies representing more than 50,000 nuclear scientists took part, is part of a series of initiatives carried out by Nuclear4Climate under the aegis of its international campaign.

Among the other events that have already helped raise awareness are the presentation of the initiative by the Nuclear Engineers of Turkey (NMD) association during a session of the Istanbul Nuclear Power Plants Summit (INPPS) that took place in Istanbul on 20 March.

In Tokyo, on 13 April, the Japanese Atomic Industry Forum (JAIF) published a Nuclear4Climate Position Paper on their website (in Japanese), an initiative that truly reflects the international dimension of the campaign. In addition, ANS, the Australian Nuclear Association, the Belgian Nuclear Forum (BNF), JAIF, SFEN, the World Nuclear Association (WNA) and the Swedish Nuclear Society have created their own Nuclear4Cliamte websites.

Take your pictures and support the campaign!

Another initiative is called Take your picture! Since Nuclear4Climate is above a grass roots campaign, professionals working at nuclear installations were invited to take photos of their place of work. So far, over 200 people have supported of the campaign by photographing where they work and what they do. Among the photos are some taken in Paris, Washington DC, Pheonix, Istanbul, Beijing, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.  To have a look at some of them m go to:

ENS NEWS would like to urge its readers to join in this photo shooting campaign and add their considerable weight to the power of this visual message. Make sure that your place of work is seen too!

The months leading up to the COP 21 talks are going to be full of initiatives and activities  promoting the unique role that nuclear energy has to play on combating the scourge of climate change. Follow the Nuclear4Climate campaign. Watch this space!


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