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e-news Issue 50 Winter 2016


SNETP Newsflash
19 January 2016, Paris

SNETP releases its Deployment Strategy 2015

The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) brings together members from all major nuclear industrial and research players (including industry - both utilities and vendors - research organisations, technical safety organisations, academia, civil society organisations, NGOs). Formally launched in September 2007, SNETP represents a major effort to better coordinate research activities in the area of nuclear fission safety and systems, and to collaborate more effectively in implementing research of strategic importance for Europe.

SNETP has released the 2015 edition of its Deployment Strategy. The document was first issued in 2010 and was updated to take stock of evolutions in the nuclear and energy context in the past five years.

This document complements the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda, and aims to prioritise the SNETP programme over the coming decades to make it fully aligned with the general context of electricity generation in Europe, which includes different energy sources, different national energy policies and societal challenges.

The SNETP community has established a global and integrated vision of the R&D programme to be implemented for the next decades and to support the current and future nuclear systems, in consultation with other European technology platforms, and for the sake of consistency with the development of other, non-nuclear electricity sources.

With a strong commitment and contribution from industry, research, academia and safety organisations, the Deployment Strategy is now available for download.


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