ETRAP 2009
organised by European Nuclear Society

co-organised by the Nuclear and Technological Institute ITN

co-organised by SCK.CEN


sponsored by IAEA

co-sponsored by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency


ETRAP 2009

4th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection

8 - 12 November 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

ETRAP 2009 - Transactions

ETRAP 2009 Transactions refer to ISBN 978-92-95064-08-9

ETRAP 2009 Transactions [6.2 MB]

Download separate Sessions:

Session 1:
Setting the Scene

Session 2:
Current Status
[1.7 MB]

Session 3:
Approaches in sector specific training
[1.8 MB]

Session 4:
Developments in training delivery
[2.5 MB]

Session 5:
Recent developments in recognition and harmonisation of requirements
[1.6 MB]

Session 6:
Education and training networks
[1.9 MB]

Session 7:
Building the future - attracting a new generation
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Session 8:
Brodening the perspective
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Poster Session :
Poster Session
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