Nestet 2013


NESTet2013 – Invitation to exhibit

Meet your customers!

Take the opportunity to meet old and new customers by participating in the exhibition at NESTet 2013!

  • Win new development opportunities through direct, day-to-day networking with a targeted audience

  • Develop your profile and achieve maximum exposure across the education and training audience

  • Communicate your corporate message and product news directly to all delegates

  • Gain direct access to key players in the education and training field

Exhibition venue

NESTet 2013 will take place in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid. The location will guarantee a natural meet & greet atmosphere and maximize the contact between the delegates and the exhibitors.

Floorplan of the exhibitors area
Floorplan of the exhibitors area

Price per m2

Modular shell scheme stand:

300 € per m² (excl. VAT)

There is only a limited number of stand spaces available. We will allocate those spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sponsors will have the priority of choice.

We offer MODULAR SHELL SCHEME STANDS at 3mx2m (6m²). The space is carpeted and furniture includes a round table, chairs, counter and a brochure holder.

The cost of a modular shell scheme stand is 1800 € (excl. VAT) including one free delegate pass (at non-member rate of 800 € (excl. VAT).

ENS members have a 10% reduction (as per the membership status on 1 January 2013).

For special requests please contact the NESTet 2013 secretariat.

Download the NESTet2013 Stand Order Form


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