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Post-conference Technical Visits


Delegates of NESTet 2008 will be able to choose between two Technical Tours:

The maximum size of each technical visit is limited and participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Technical Visit 1:

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant Company was founded in 1976 and has been operating as a share company since 1992. Its site, where four VVER-440/213 type units are operating with a total nominal power of 1930 MW (electrical), is located in the middle of Hungary, 5 km from the town of Paks. Nearly 40 percent of the electrical energy generated in Hungary is produced here.

The Paks nuclear power plant was the first among NPPs of the former eastern block to fulfil the most up-to-date requirements. As regards safety, the Paks reactor units comply with the strict international standards, however, as time goes on, the newly developed safety enhancement measures have to be implemented systematically and continuously - as everywhere else in the world.

The four units of the Paks NPP were put into operation between 1983 and 1987. Taking into account the designed lifetime (30 years), they should be shut down between 2013 and 2017. In possession of our present technical knowledge it can be considered as a real long-term goal to extend the designed lifetime of the units.

The maintenance training centre, which was built with the aid of IAEA, is unique in the world: the educational environment is not formed using the usual models or mock-ups. The reactor, steam generator, circulating pumps, isolating valves and other supplementary equipment are original factory manufactured pieces, which were obtained either from other nuclear power plants that were never put into operation or from own resources. The facility, which was completed in 1997, further increases the level of nuclear and operational safety in the plant.

NESTet 2008 Delegates will visit

  1. Visitors’ Centre – introduction of Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  2. 2. Plant site visit - control room unit IV. (from viewing corridor), turbine hall, reactor hall unit III-IV. (from viewing corridor)
  3. Maintenance Training Centre

Departure: 8.30 at Novotel Budapest Centrum

Return: 17.00 at Novotel Budapest Centrum

Technical Visit 2:

Technical Visit 2 is a combination of two half day visits:

Morning: Visit of the Budapest Research Reactor at the Central Research Institute of Physics

The Budapest Research Reactor (BRR) is a tank-type reactor, moderated and cooled by light water. The reactor, which went critical in 1959, is of Soviet origin. A full-scale reactor reconstruction and upgrading project began in 1986, following 27 years of operation since initial criticality. The upgraded 10 MW reactor received the operation license in November 1993.

The BRR is used for irradiation and neutron research as well. Irradiations are performed in vertical channels, while experiments are made at the horizontal neutron beam ports. The reactor has more than 60 vertical channels, including six flux traps, that can be used for isotope production, material testing. In one of these channels a pneumatic rabbit system is working, serving for neutron activation analysis.

The following programme is offered to NESTet 2008 Delegates:

Presentations about Budapest Research Reactor:

  1. History and operation,
  2. Utilization.

Visit of the

  1. Control room,
  2. Reactor hall,
  3. Cold neutron source,
  4. Time of flight spectrometer.

Afternoon: The Training Reactor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The training reactor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a swimming pool type reactor located at the university campus. The reactor with a maximum power of 100 kW mainly supports education in nuclear engineering and physics; however, extensive research work is carried out as well.

Departure: 8.30 at Novotel Budapest Centrum

Return: 17.00 at Novotel Budapest Centrum

All Technical Visits will take place on Thursday 8 May 2008.

The Visits are included in the Registration Fee.




Budapest Research Reactor