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PIME 2007 -
Defining tomorrow's vision of nuclear energy

11 - 15 February 2007, Milano, Italy

PIME Award for Communications Excellence

The vital role that communicators play in highlighting the nuclear energy debate is sometimes taken for granted... but not by ENS and PIME! The PIME Communications Award will help ensure that your communications efforts get the visibility and credit they deserve.

As professional communicators we all know that knowledge is power - once people are empowered with the facts they can draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions. How skilfully we connect with our audiences - providing them with clear and easy-to-understand information, emphasising key messages, conveying core values - determines how positively we are perceived. The onus on professional communicators to deliver results is, therefore, great - especially with the nuclear renaissance gathering steam. But so too are the rewards that high impact communications can bring in terms of promoting understanding, enhancing public acceptance and fostering a positive image.

The 2007 PIME Award for Communications Excellence aims to recognise the achievements of professional communicators in the nuclear industry who have successfully connected with their audiences, helped to dispel myths and misinformation about nuclear energy and enhanced the image of our industry.

This year the PIME Award entrants will be required to provide some basic information on the campaign they are entering for the award: the campaign’s objectives, the communications strategy adopted, the results that it achieved and why they think it should receive the award. As always, as much supporting documentation as possible should be sent it, like press articles, photos, DVDs, newsletters, web pages or promotional materials.

This information will help the jury – which will be made up of fellow communicators – to decide upon the winning entry. The focus will be on campaigns that show the most creative strategy, illustrative an innovative use of communications tools and can show tangible results. Multi-media packages backed up by sophisticated audiovisuals and glossy brochures can provide impressive results, but so too can a campaign that ran on limited resources. It’s all about grass roots, creative communications that really reach out to their audience.

We hope that lots of nuclear communicators will take part in this year’s award and that high impact communications will receive the recognition that it deserves.

Download PIME AWARD Entry Form

The period for submitting entries to the PIME AWARD 2007 has begun!!

Deadline: January 2007

Winner of the 2006 PIME Award:

The PIME Award for Communications Excellence in 2006 was wone by the Czech nuclear operating company, CEZ, for its campaign entitled the Temelin Olympic Games. The winning campaign involved excellent local community relations, stakeholder participation, celebrity advocacy from famous Czech sportsmen and Olympic gold medalists and a range of communications tools to help convey key messages about nuclear energy.

Marie Dufková from CEZ
receives the 2006 PIME Award
from ENS President Frank Dekonick