Pime 2007







PIME 2007 -
Defining tomorrow's vision of nuclear energy

11 - 15 February 2007, Milano, Italy

Social Programme

PIME Gala Dinner

The PIME Gala Dinner will take place on Tuesday, 13 of February 2007, at the Palazzo Clerici.

Once owned by a member of the Visconti Family, in 1635 Palazzo Clerici was bought by Giorgio Clerici. This noble family, which was first initially active in the textile business, played a significant role in the Milanese government during its period of greatest splendour. A tangible symbol of their prestige, the Palazzo Clerici became one of the most luxurious residences in Milan.

Palazzo Clerici.

Giorgio Antonio Clerici, the most illustrious member of the family, undertook a number of transformations of the palace. In 1740, he assigned the Venetian artist Giovambattista Tiepolo the task to paint the ceiling of the representative gallery of the palace, the Galleria. The resulting fresco is a good example of the mature work of this famous artist.

During the aperitif PIME delegates will have the opportunity to admire the frescos with the help of a guide.

The Palazzo Clerici is located in the center of Milan, not far from La Scala Theatre.

Accompanying people are welcome to attend the Gala Dinner at an additional cost.

The Gala Dinner is included in the registration fee.