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PIME 2007 -
Defining tomorrow's vision of nuclear energy

11 - 15 February 2007, Milano, Italy

Technical Visit

On Thursday 15 of February PIME 2007 offers the opportunity to visit the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in ISPRA.

The ISPRA site is the third largest EC site after Brussels and Luxembourg. It covers an area of 160 hectares. There are roughly 1500 employees (1000 core staff and 500 visiting staff) plus, typically, 200 staff from external organisations and 200 visitors every day. ISPRA hosts 3 scientific institutes, 2 horizontal Directorates and is home to DG ADMIN's Paymaster’s Office.

Proposed visits at the JRC are:
  • Performance Laboratory (PERLA), the sole EU facility with an extensive collection of well-characterised nuclear reference materials and non destructive analysing techniques (gamma-spectrometers and neutron counters) for the training of inspectors and performance quantification of equipment.
  • The Tank Measurement (TAME) laboratory for solution monitoring and the measurement of density and quantity for safeguards applications.
  • The Thermal, Electromagnetic and Physical Equipment Stress Testing (TEMPEST) laboratory, where electronic instruments and devices specific to nuclear safeguards are certified after checking for compliance with international standards.
  • Seals and Identification Techniques Laboratory (SILAB) specialized in development of sealing and identification techniques for safeguarding of nuclear material such as fresh or spent fuel containers and transport/storage casks of various kinds.
  • Cyclotron is a highly versatile accelerator with a rather large energy range and the capability of accelerating protons and alpha particles (up to energies of 40MeV) as well as deuterons (up to 20MeV). With this facility a wide variety of radioisotopes can be produced and it is especially useful for research purposes.

Buses will leave from Milan to ISPRA in the morning and will arrive back in Milan at around 16:30.


The Technical Tour is included in the PIME registration fee.

Deadline for registration to the Technical Tour is Friday 2 February 2007.
Please be sure to carry your passport or ID when visiting the JRC

The maximum number of participants to the tour is limited and participation is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please fill in the appropriate section of the registration form with the details required for the security check.