PIME 2011

Pime 2011

13 - 16 February 2011, Brussels, Belgium

PIME Award for Communications Excellence

The jury for the 2011 PIME Award for Communications Excellence met in Brussels on 13 January, under the chairmanship of Robert Leclère of the Belgian Nuclear Forum, to select the five short-listed candidates that went forward to fight it out for this year’s award. Participants in PIME 2011 where the ultimate arbiters and the winner was announced during the closing session of the conference, on the afternoon of 15 February.

Winner of the Pime 2011 Award:

Pime 2011 Award Winner
Belgium Nuclear Forum

download the PIME 2011 Award short listed candidates

Presentations from the short-listed candidates for the 2011 PIME Award for Communications Excellence

Chairman: Robert Leclère, Chairman of the Belgian Nuclear Forum

AECL - Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.


AREN/ROMATOM/SN Nuclearelectrica SA

Belgian Nuclear Forum

The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority

Pime Award
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OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

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Belgian Nuclear Forum
Belgian Nuclear Forum

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