PIME 2013

Pime 2013

17 - 20 February 2013, Zurich, Switzerland

PIME Award for Communications Excellence

Winner of the Pime 2013 Award:

MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary

Winner of the Pime 2013 Award:

A communications campaign based on a one-channel approach, with a simple and clear structure and strong core messages can have as much of an impact as a more multi-channel, multimedia campaign. This is the approach adopted by the Paks NPP in Hungary in order to regenerate its official Facebook page and, as a result, reach out to a larger audience for whom today’s social media is a natural habitat. By communicating the core messages of “clean”, “safe” and “green” via Facebook the campaign raises awareness among a broader and more media-savvy audience of the benefits of nuclear energy in general, and the contribution of the Paks NPP in particular. It also illustrates how a zero budget campaign can successfully exploit the viral nature of social media. And the results are easily measured.

The PIME Award highlights how results-oriented communications can provide added value to your business. Share the secret of your success with your fellow communicators and get the peer group recognition that you deserve!

The PIME Award for Communications Excellence aims to recognise the achievements of professional communicators in the nuclear sector (industry, regulartory bodies, research centres, national associations, ...) who have successfully connected with their audiences, helped to dispel myths and misinformation about nuclear energy and enhanced the image of the whole nuclear sector.

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Presentations from the short-listed candidates for the 2013 PIME Award for Communications Excellence:

Chairman: Robert Leclère, President, Belgian Nuclear Forum and Chairman of the PIME Award Jury

Pime Award
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